Life Dream: Our Biggest Wish Came True

Our Biggest Wish Came True

Life Dream: Our Biggest Wish Came True

Every morning my Grandmother would wake, open the metal window blinds to welcome in the sunshine proclaiming, “It’s another day in paradise.” At the end of every visit, I would sit outside of her mobile home, on the painted concrete driveway, looking up at the the stars and pray to God that it would not be my last visit. One day it was …

My Grandmother retired to Florida, when I was 16 years old.

That is when my love affair with the Sunshine State began.

When my Grandmother was making her physical transition in 2005, my sister Mary and I sat by her bedside, comforting her. I can remember that week as if it was just yesterday. Once when I left the room and returned, I overheard Mary say, “Grandma, Sandi is moving to Florida!” I was stunned. In that moment, it was not true. Later, when we returned to our room at the extended stay motel, Mary said, “Well, Sandi, it will be true. Grandma will be so happy!” Recently, I sent Mary an email entitled, “What You Told Grandma Came True.”

Somehow I just know that Grandma is happy.

What does this mean exactly? Our biggest wish came true! On February 18, 2016, Kim and I signed the contract on our Florida bungalow and cottage. #wishescometrue

This has been our wish for 15 years. This past December, while enjoying our annual Winter stay on Anna Maria Island, everything just lined right up and POOF, just like magic, the pieces all began coming together.

The perfect example of affirmation to manifestation.

Some of you may know just how much we desired this outcome. We gave energy to our life’s dream in a variety of ways. I created a “What Is” box. On the outside, the word COTTAGE was prominently placed, in addition to an image of a flamingo. This is a process taught by Abraham-Hicks. I had an index card with a drawing of pink flip-flops on it which was a process taught to me by a friend. The card was always within my view so that my subconscious mind could absorb the image! While on the island one year, I purchased a Florida charm bracelet by Brighton.

This bracelet has been worn almost every single day and is referred to as my affirmation bracelet. Spirit Essence Paintings were done by Doreen Marchetti. One was really impactful as it was done for Kim just two short years ago with the message that he would soon be choosing between the Old and the New. Once I found a little mermaid doll on a beach near Tarpon Springs when I accompanied a Goddess sister on her trip to see if a move to Florida was in her near future. While walking the beach, we came across the mermaid.

Which, I decided was a sign for me. She has been placed within my view (seated on a sea shell) since that day. Finally, a sign that reads BEACH HOUSE was placed above our hallway entry so that every single time we pass through the area, we read the words BEACH HOUSE. And if all of this is not enough, our Houston condo has been totally remodeled to look like a Florida beach house.

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We wanted to live in the experience of what we were creating.

There is so much more to this story. Perhaps it could eventually be a book! For now I will say that so many incredible life-changing things have happened while I have been with Kim and in Florida. This is no different. It is actually the best example yet! I will always remember sitting with my Dad, by the sea grass, listening to the sound of the ocean’s waves lap the shore, and seeing Kim dart out from the cottage with his laptop in hand.

His words were, “Oh, I’m not even sure that I want to show you what I found.” Dad and I sat there as he slid his laptop across the top of the table revealing the pink bungalow built in 1926. He found our dream home while surfing the internet, inside of our favorite cottage at Bamboo Apartments.

Somehow I think that our dear sweet Gladys may have played a role in the outcome.

Our biggest wish has come true. Soon the Sunshine State will be the new home of Diosa and her Magico. Happie G, Los Gatos and Sparky will make the move first.

2016 is going to be a year of transition. A time of celebration. A time to bask in the feeling of an affirmation becoming manifestation. It will be a time for saying farewell to Houston as my home base. Which will be bittersweet, to say the least.

I’ll be switching over from pecan pie to key lime pie. Leaving margaritas for pina coladas. And best of all is that when I head fifteen minutes west, I’ll be at the beach.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

With love and gratitude, Happie G

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