What You Focus Upon Is What You Will See

What You Focus Upon Is What You Will See

What You Focus Upon Is What You Will See

Delightful Little Pink Flowers

I have been walking by this little flower for over a week now. It began as a small shoot with great potential. As it has continued to grow, little buds began to form that are now bursting open into delightful little pink flowers. This pot is situated on a baker’s rack, just outside of our back door. Every single time I go in and out of that door, I pay special attention to this beautiful succulent plant.

When this image was captured, the intension was to highlight the flower. Therefore, as I was looking through the lens, focusing upon the bloom, I tapped on the screen so that the flower would be in focus versus the pot full of plants.

This is such a great metaphor for Life. Yes, it can be messy, there can be drama. Yeah, people can get triggered by things that we do, say, or not do or say. Life is filled with a vast assortment of experiences and opportunities.


What you Focus Upon is What you Will See

This image captures the full view of our back yard. As you can see, the area is filled with a LOT of stuff. Much of which, is quite unsightly. And, if you follow the arrow up to the top left side of the pink baker’s rack, you’ll see the wee little flower.

I could focus upon all of the mess, clutter, disarray; however, I am deliberately choosing to look for any and all beauty in the midst of construction chaos. In doing this, I feel better. Feeling better is a choice. Plus, I believe that our feelings are the indicators of our vibrational state of attraction. Or, stated a slight bit differently, how we are feeling in any given moment is our Point of Attraction.

What we are choosing to focus upon drives the feelings. Therefore, if what is appearing in your life looks more like a mess than a flower, it could mean that it’s time to change your focus.

One thing that I absolutely know to be true is that when we choose to lighten up, play more, take breaks, create art, laugh, allow, focus upon all the beauty that is around us, and practice the art of appreciation, things shift.

Here is another example (since I have your attention) .. For the past three days, Kim has had a horrible toothache. He was laid up in bed, with so many things to get accomplished. It appeared that our cottage renovation was in a permanent state of “stall.” He had messaged our General Contractor asking when he would be able to return for step two in the process.

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No reply. Today, Kim gets up out of bed, walks into the kitchen and starts cooking breakfast. Stating, with enthusiasm, “I am hungry!” I guess so, as he’d only had a bowl of soup in three days! The next thing you know, he looks at his phone and says, “Brett just texted and they are on their way today!” Coincidence? I say it’s the magic of Life! Had he texted during the past three days, Kim wouldn’t have been able to do what he needed to do. The Universe had his back.

Where is your attention focused? There are endless opportunities to re-caliberate. If you want to know where your energy is being directed, take a look around and see what is appearing in your Life.


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