Sharing Life and Love – Grandmother’s 96th Birthday


Sharing Life and Love – Grandmother’s 96th Birthday

Today would be my Grandmother’s 96th birthday. Following tradition, I would have sent a card, had flowers delivered, and spoken to her on the phone. Instead, I wake and remember all our treasured times.

As a child, Grandma would allow me to play “secretary” in Grandpa’s office. I would sit at this big desk and pretend to talk on the phone to clients. Prior to this, I would visit her bedroom closets and drawers to find my “costume.” Carefully, I would go through boxes and boxes of shoes to find just the right ones. Usually, they were this Asian-style pair that were delicately embroidered, with pointed toes, and shiny fabric.

Going through her drawers, I would find baubles and beads to adorn my small self with. With the finishing touch being her mink coat. This was a ritual that we both enjoyed. Once Grandpa got home, all that stuff was placed into a drawer until his next day at work.

The evening would end with dessert before dinner and neighborhood walks at dusk to glance into windows to see, “how everyone decorated.” Which, by the way, is something I still enjoy. Some things do not change.

I Found Myself

During my late teen years, Grandma relocated to Florida. I found myself as a young adult, going there more and more often to spend quality time with her. I continued to wear her baubles and beads, shoes, and it also grew into her clothes and eventually, makeup. Ah, good times. The days of playing “office” were over.

We moved instead into a space of enjoying fancy meals together, lounging at the beach, sunset cocktails, and long, long, long talks about my “problems.” And, something that continued were the walks at dusk to glance into windows.

What rituals do you share with people that you love that you can continue or share with others?

Love Yourself Heal Your Life

Interestingly enough, today I will be going to a fancy lunch. It just so happens that a very special little girl in my life just received a fancy new dress. Her wish was to go to “fancy lunch” with her Tia. So be it, and so it is. Today, on what would be my Grandmother’s 96th birthday, just as I did for so many years with her, I will put on the baubles and beads, shiny shoes, clothes and makeup, to dine out, have fun, feel pretty and maybe shop.

I know my Grandmother is really happy, I can feel it. For now I know, from personal experience, the joy she felt when she took me to the fancy meals. The ritual that she shared with me, that brought so much joy, and felt so incredibly loving, is now a ritual that I am able to share.

Interestingly, it is happening today on my Grandmother’s birthday. This is a ritual that feels really good, a sort of “pay it forward” experience. And, in a world where there is so much troubling us, it sure is nice to allow a happy ritual to override everything else.

May your day be filled with happy rituals!

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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