You Can’t Make Sanity Out of Insanity


You Can’t Make Sanity Out of Insanity

Soothe is a gentle word.  It brings to mind a mother’s soft shooshing as her baby cries.  I think of lip balm and how it feels on chapped lips.  Or in relation to the beach, what aloe gel feels like when my skin turns pink because I stayed on the noodle far longer than the sunscreen’s coverage allowed.

Even as adults, we need soothing.  Our Lives (and our world) have become more frantic, hectic, and one might even say, manic.  I can remember when the “world wide web” was supposed to help us be more efficient in our Lives.

Now this modern marvel has provided us with an opportunity to be relentlessly attached to some mechanical device to continuously be doing something! There is no less, it seems there is only more – more – more – more – more!

I love when I read Cheryl Richardson’s thoughts on this topic.  She said something along the lines of  …  When someone feels they need better time management, most likely, that is the last thing that they need.  Space is what they need.  Creating the space to soothe the Soul by participating in activities that nourish it.

What nourishes your Soul?

Whatever *just* popped into your head is important to acknowledge.  And if you are choosing radical self-care, I’d suggest moving beyond acknowledgement to actually making it happen.  Go ahead and schedule an appointment with yourself.

Self-care is the best health care.

Tomorrow I will be taking a beach walk.  I’m seeking some self-soothing.  As the title of this Love Letter states, insanity is a choice, not a destination.  Busyness, over-extending of oneself, saying “yes” when we mean “no,” engaging in the “shoulds” rather than the “coulds,” and sacrificing our wants, for those of others, are all insane practices that leave us feeling depleted.

Deprivation is not self-love.

Insanity is an option, not a destination.  Opt to disallow yourself to reside in a continual state of insanity.  Pitch your tent elsewhere. For the next five days, I will be consciously choosing soothing.  While I am away, I am turning off the cell phone, powering down my laptop, and living in the moment.

I invite you to take at least 10 minutes a day to do the same.  Notice what having space in your day feels like.  Space is a gift that you give to yourself.

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I love you! Be sure to love you, too.  Enjoy the journey! Live your destination.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper

With love and gratitude,

Happie G

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