Heal Your Life® is Medicine for the Soul

Heal Your Life

Heal Your Life® is Medicine for the Soul

Oh my goodness!

When is the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?

Heal Your Life

Look at these ladies. Just LOOK at their magic! They are allowing their beautiful inner light to radiate through the absolute delight of being in costume. There is something liberating about putting on a wig and stepping into a room filled with other empowered women doing the exact same thing.


Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training

The past several weeks have been incredibly rich. First there was the Heal Your Life® workshop leader training to be followed up by an advanced coach training. These beautiful souls courageously journeyed through their childhood experiences and messages to identify stored beliefs (and patterns) that were holding them back from fully realizing their potential. In the process, we experienced “aha” moments, allowance, awareness, fears, tears, resistance, sadness, madness, and topped it all off with a whole lot of healing laughter!

Healing happens inside and outside of the “classroom.”
When a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Heal Your Life

Layer by Layer, Naomi Hall

“My healing, much to my dismay, has not been instantaneous. I hear those stories and marvel. However, it is not my story. My experience has been one of layer by layer revelation. Stepping into the River of Love, immersing myself again and again in its soft, consistent healing flow. Allowing Love to wash over me permeating newly exposed cracks and fissures in my soul. Gently bringing to the Light the fear, anxiety and host of other thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me. And never really did.

Recently, another layer showed itself. As an incredible gift during the Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training, we were given professional headshots, by the talented photographer, Kim Coffman. There was anxiety all around the anticipation of my picture being taken.

Voices from the past were hollering in my head.

“Your school pictures were not even good enough to buy when you were a child. Now, many decades later, and much of life showing on your face, it’s only going to be worse.”

Kim’s photography style was fluid and disarming. I found myself relaxed and simply smiling. As I looked at the final photos through tear filled eyes …

What I saw looking back at me was what I had always desired,
an internal beauty reflected, mirrored on the exterior.

Yet another wound washed by love on my road toward healing. The story continues.”

A deeper understanding into a “theme” party: Come as you are.

Having Fun is Medicine for the Soul

Having Fun is Medicine for the Soul

An idea adapted from Jack Canfield’s work is having our coach graduates celebrate in a “Come As You Are” theme party. It’s an opportunity to step into our “future self” and speak from that voice, sharing all that has been realized: thriving practices, new homes, financial freedom, travel, expanded relationships, etc.

Midway through the week, I mentioned the theme and further explained the concept when asked, “What is this exactly?” In the explanation examples were provided from past trainings. One woman that had her eye on a significant bike ride arrived at the party creatively dressed as a cyclist, sporting a makeshift helmet utilizing a pillow and some type of tape. In the role of her future self, she “pedaled” around the room. At another “Come As You Are,” celebration, a coach shared about his Heal Your Life cruises and all of the workshops he was conducting aboard the ship.

Both of these coaches have experienced the result of this exercise, accomplishing the bike ride and holding a Heal Your Life cruise.

Our party night fell on Cinco de Mayo. This amped up the party factor as we were able to play the role of our future self all while shaking maracas, wearing mini-sombreros, and dancing to Mexican music. The energy was vibrant. Which, carried us into the following morning’s Closing Circle.

As we shared what the week meant to us, Meri decided to take her turn. During her share, she said, “You know Sandra, I didn’t get it, this “come as you are” … not even after you explained it.” We all leaned in a little closer as she continued. “It was just now, sitting in this circle, listening to what everyone else is sharing that I “got it.”

It wasn’t just the party’s theme, it was the theme of the entire training.

Come As You Are.

Heal Your Life® is Medicine for the Soul

The Best Medicine on the Market: Laughter

Meri went on to explain that during the entire week, she (and the others) were free to come every day, as they “are.” It wasn’t just the party night. It was every single day! There was no judgment, pressure, and/or modification. Each person was given the space to show up as they were: sad, tired, anxious, angry, silly, full of questions, etc. Every aspect of the individual was allowed and honored.

The experience was about being exactly who we are and loved because of it.

One of my biggest take-a-ways from these two extraordinary weeks was the gift of laughter. I heard many say, “I sure could use more fun in my Life.” That’s “honey to my soul,” as Alyssa Martin would say. The philosophies that we teach include asking for what we need and believing it will be received.

Our wish was granted! And, our beautiful “inner child” danced in glee. Never under estimate the power of a wig, belly dancing outfit, or unicorn pajamas. It’s amazing what happens when we allow our spirit to shine!

Thank you for connecting! Watch for the dates to be announced for the 2019 Heal Your Life® Trainings! And may you glitter, shine, and sparkle!
Love, Sandra – Happie G

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