What Could You Do Right Now to Value Your Worth?

abundance and prosperity

What Could You Do Right Now to Value Your Worth?

As I am seated at my desk, I realize that it is high time to discuss the white elephant in the room when it comes to the topic of abundance and prosperity!  The white elephant is money.  This point was really driven home for me after meeting *Susan at a recent training.

                                                                                      Are You Ready to Open the Flow?

Abundance and Prosperity

We were seated in a Circle sharing ideas.  It was a conversation about building our businesses, welcoming in new clients, and getting paid.  The words abundance and prosperity had entered into the conversation.  Then it turned to the ever popular add-in of, “Oh, but I’d do this for free.”  And the side-kick to that statement is, “I’m helping people.  I want to be of service.”  Finally, Susan who was now seated on the edge of her seat, calls us out.  She says point blank, “Say it.  Say MONEY.”  The room got quieter.  A bit like when something strikes a cord and a chuckle escapes the lips.  The topic of money struck a cord.

Of course, this has to do with our money beliefs – conscious or unconscious.  That almost goes without saying.  However, on an even deeper level, it speaks to how we value ourselves and the services that we offer!  It is incredibly important to receive what we feel our services are worth.  When we undervalue our energy, services, and/or time, we sever the flow of abundance.

I know that for myself, I am a recovering over-doer.  Much of my self-worth has been wrapped up in how much I accomplish and if I earn a star for it.  There have been times when I have grown resentful because I have been doing and doing and doing and don’t have the money to show for it.  And guess why that is? Because I devalued myself and my services and didn’t ask for what I am worth.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am prosperous and abundant in so many ways.  My life is incredibly blessed and I am crazy happy.  I have a loving husband,  fabulous fur family, kind neighbors, closet crammed full of colorful clothes,  fun car, great health, lots of travel, bounty of friends, funky condo, etc.  Yet hello, as Susan pointed out, I am one of “those” people that have left money out of the conversation.  Because, well, in our home growing up, “you don’t discuss money, it is rude.”

Money is Energy Like Anything Else.  It Also Pays the Visa Bill

I’m grateful to Susan for bringing this to my awareness.  For those of us that are in business for ourselves, this is really good stuff!  If you decide (right here and right now) to begin charging what you are worth, you will activate a flow.  From an energetic perspective, it is far better to have two clients that pay what we are worth than to have four that do not.  Receiving fair value allows better feelings about ourselves to permeate our being.  We will radiate enthusiasm for what we offer! And in all honesty here, a business person that exudes enthusiasm, prosperity, and success is far more effective than one that is overstretched, worn out, and broke.

Giving and Receiving Completes the Flow!

Money was created so both parties could clearly agree upon an equal exchange.  When you give of your energy, services, and/or time, receiving fair value in monetary compensation completes the circular flow of giving and receiving.  Intention is also important.  Set out to always give your best and the integrity of your intent will multiply your prosperity over and over and over.  In giving we receive.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

With love and gratitude, Happie G

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