The Salt Shaker & Magic of Belief

The Salt Shaker & Magic of Belief

The Salt Shaker & Magic of Belief

In the heart of a bustling kitchen, where pots clanged and aromas danced, my young eyes sparkled with wonder. My mother, juggling pans and recipes, became both chef and sage. I, the inquisitive apprentice, sought answers to life’s mysteries at the wee age of 4, “pestering” my mother with endless questions!

The Salt Shaker Spell

My mother, weary from my relentless questioning, devised a clever strategy. She wielded the humble salt shaker like a wand and bestowed upon me a magical quest: “Sprinkle salt on a bird’s tail, and you shall hold it.”

Little Sandi’s Adventure

Undeterred by the mundane reality of salt, little Sandi stepped into the sun-drenched world beyond the kitchen. The grass crunched underfoot, and the breeze carried secrets. With each step, her belief grew stronger. She envisioned the bird—a brown sparrow waiting to be cradled.
And there it was—a fledgling bobbing its way across the lawn. Little Sandi approached, heart racing, salt shaker in hand. The bird cocked its head, as if sensing destiny. With trembling fingers, little Sandi sprinkled the salt. And lo! The impossible became real—the bird nestled into the palm of her palm, its heartbeat fluttering.

The Alchemy of Belief

Why did it work? Was it the salt’s magic? No. It was Little Sandi’s unwavering belief. She saw the world through a child’s eyes—a realm where salt could tame birds, where wonder overrode reason. In that moment, she was both magician and believer.

The Lesson

My mother’s strategy failed as a practical diversion, but it succeeded as a lesson. She taught me that belief shapes reality. Whether it’s catching birds or pursuing dreams, the mind weaves spells.
Doubt erodes magic; faith conjures it.
So, what do you need to believe to catch your baby bird?
  1. Believe in Possibility: Imagine the improbable as possible. Let doubt dissolve like salt in rain.
  2. Believe in Your Wings: You are both seeker and bird. Sprinkle courage on your own tail.
  3. Believe in Whispers: Listen to the wind, the rustle of leaves. They carry secrets and invitations.
  4. Believe in Magic: Not the flashy kind, but the quiet enchantment of everyday miracles.
May this story from my childhood remind you that the magic lies not in the salt but in your heart’s conviction. And it is my sincerest wish that you catch your very own elusive bird!
Sandra J. Filer, MBA, is an insightful coach and high-energy believer in the human capacity to achieve whatever the mind can conceive. She specializes in working with ambitious women seeking fulfillment in their Life and work. Her approach is heartfelt, effective and immediately applicable. Also known as The Happy Goddess®, her ultimate goal is to guide her clients far away from that inner critic and deeply into self-love and appreciation.

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