Magic Strings & Worthiness

Magic Strings & Worthiness

Magic Strings & Worthiness

I’m presently being incredibly wowed by the magic strings of Frankie Presto written by Mitch Albom. This book has caused me to really sit back and digest what is being offered. Then in that state of awe, another book is gifted to me, Worthy. Which is a brand-new release written by Jamie Kern Lima.

Unveiling the Power of Belief

One book is about our infusion of talent at birth. The other is how to believe you are enough and transform your life. And just when I was mesmerized by the entire story being woven by “music,” I’m abruptly reminded (by such a huge influx of buyers of the Worthy book) just how sad it is that a vast number of people in our world feel unworthy.

I have no doubt this book has tremendous value and I will benefit greatly by reading it, along with working through the exercises in the workbook. Plus I am deeply touched by the generous gift!

For now, I will bring you back to the most significant gem I’ve received thus far from “the magic strings.” Because it was a reminder for me and it may serve as one for you as well.

Infusion of Brilliance: How Talents Choose Us

Music said, “I felt their tiny hands at birth, reaching out, grabbing me. I will share a secret: this is how talents are bestowed. Before newborns open their eyes, we circle them, appearing as brilliant colors, and when they clench their tiny hands for the first time, they are actually grabbing the colors they find most appealing. Those talents are with them for life. The lucky ones (well, in my opinion, the lucky ones) choose me. Music. From that point on, I live inside your every hum and whistle, every pluck of a string or plink of a piano key. I cannot keep you alive. I lack such power. But I infuse you.”

I also share this with you in the event that the message resonates with you. To consider what brilliant colors attracted you at birth and what you grabbed – that continues to infuse you.

Sit with that for a moment if you will. Because, as Louise Hay said, “If we would only apply what we are reminded of or the steps provided to get to where we want to go, there would never be another how-to book written.” She was a big advocate of implementation. Doing the work, not just reading.

Therefore, I invite you to draw a picture of your precious baby’s hands grabbing your talents. If you desire, write the name of your talents on your drawing. Then, spend time in your Morning Pages or journaling practice to reflect on the entire experience.

And at the very least may we all be reminded of how truly worthy and talented we are simply because we were created and are here in physical form. That is pretty darn magical!

Note: My talents are art and creating things! What are yours?

Sandra J. Filer, MBA, is an insightful coach and high-energy believer in the human capacity to achieve whatever the mind can conceive. She specializes in working with ambitious women seeking fulfillment in their Life and work. Her approach is heartfelt, effective and immediately applicable. Also known as The Happy Goddess®, her ultimate goal is to guide her clients far away from that inner critic and deeply into self-love and appreciation.

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