IR$ and Abundance – A Journey with the IRS

IRS and Abundance

IR$ and Abundance – A Journey with the IRS

This day is notorious for being “Tax Day.” It is April 15, the final day that income taxes are due, unless you file an extension. For those of you that have been following me/us for a while, you *may* be aware of our journey with the Internal Revenue Service. Due to that journey, we are always timely in our filing! After all, experience is the greatest teacher.

I’m elated to report that I had to write a check to the IRS this year for $511.00. At first when I received the news that I “owed,” I was like, “What?????? Ugh. Last year I got a refund, what the heck happened?!” Then because I do like to be knowledgeable, I fetched last year’s return and compared it to this year’s. It was then that it hit me … I owed the IRS because my business expanded in 2016. When I sat with that for just a minute, a feeling of joy washed over me. (Notice the shift in energy from “why me?” to “I do?!”)

The IRS and Abundance

A text was sent to my CPA. And, because he is so awesome, he texted back, “It’s always good to make more money.” In my desk drawer are glittery thank you cards. The check was written for the payment and inserted into the card with an additional handwritten note, once again stating, “Thank you.” As I walked out to the mailbox, I kept repeating to myself, “What we give out returns to us multiplied!”

**The shift in the energy from victim to victor, can be a game changer!**

Here are a few examples of abundance that have flowed into my life:

+ a free cartridge of printer ink from Epson, because I phoned their service center regarding ink capacity (19.95)
+ a $100 gift card from Maggiano’s, even though the promotion was offered after the event was booked (100.00)
+ 50% off flowers that were not included in the sale (24.95)
+ an upgrade on audio visual at the event hotel (200.00)
+ three Starbuck’s gift cards, “just because” (30.00)
+ stamps that did not get cancelled by the postal service (6.65)
+ the use of an extra meeting room for dinner at training (200.00)
+ an invitation to hang out at Bamboo, because my friend Alice is with her family for Easter (priceless)

I share this because it is such a great illustration of abundance.

Life is happening for us. When we look for the gift, the gold, the goodness, and we sit in appreciation of it, more is sent to us. What are you noticing in your life?

The next time you find yourself complaining, stop and ask, “What is the lesson here? Or, what is there to appreciate?” Often we get really caught up in the perceived negative.

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For the next thirty days, I invite you to notice your reaction (and action) to what is happening in your life. Rather than be reactionary, be IN your life. Notice, contemplate, and appreciate. And, when a gift lands upon you, be grateful, say thank you. Make a note of it. Then, at the end of the thirty days, tally up the abundance and bank it in your heart!

In a world filled with contrast, let’s continue to share light, love, and goodness.

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