Blessings and Abundance: Stories of Treasures and Miracles

Blessings and Abundance

Blessings and Abundance: Stories of Treasures and Miracles

Let’s focus on the topic of prosperity and abundance for just moment. Because if what we focus on does indeed grow, wouldn’t this be something to spend some quality time with?

Pictured above is a rescued “treasure.” The other day I received a text from my incredibly kindhearted neighbor, Caren. Here is what the text said,

“So do you count this as abundance? I love French Country, and taking things that people are throwing away and reusing them. Someone threw this away. It took me four hours to get it into my apartment because it is solid wood! It got a bit scuffed up but, I can fix or repaint with chalk paint.”

First of all, I want to acknowledge that my answer was, “Yes!” Secondly, she is sharing her abundance story with me and in doing so, activates the abundance vibration. When we spend time focused upon and sharing our abundance, it naturally multiplies.

My sister of the heart, Denby, has an affirmation that goes like this, “I am abundant in every way except for my butt and thighs!” I’ve always loved that one!

If you were to sit right now and spend ten minutes focused on your abundance in the last several days (or month), what would you come up with? We’ve begun to keep track. Here are some of ours:

* Scoring a vintage table at The Goodwill for $60 (1100.00) pictured below
* Wood/Rattan furniture set (800)
* Winning a free Studio Diary from Flora Bowley (249.00)
* Refund of a non-approved renewal (24.95)
* Chicken fajitas at Pappasito’s (21.00) *this* could be an entire story!
* Publix gift card (5)
* Energy to paint for seven entire days and a friend helping, just because
* Parking available for the PODS truck both on delivery and pickup #miracle
* Neighbors that generously gave of their time and energy to trap our feral that escaped to have her spayed and returned to safety …


I share all of this with the intention of igniting a spark within you so that you may begin to focus upon what is working in your life. What is happening FOR YOU. What are people offering up that you *may* be saying “no” to when you could be saying, “yes!” In any moment, we have a choice as to what we give our energy. If abundance and prosperity resonate with you. Join us in this endeavor!

Life is happening for us. Look for the gift, the gold, the goodness, and sit in appreciation of it.

In a world filled with contrast, let’s continue to share light, love, and goodness.

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