Shared Blessings – Friend Lacey’s Baby Shower

Shared Blessings

Shared Blessings – Friend Lacey’s Baby Shower

While there continues to be much heartache all around me, I am choosing to share some of the BLESSINGS that have been bestowed upon me this past month.

A True Blessing (and miracle) is New Life – A Baby!

Pictured here is a pregnant soon-to-be mommy.  There is something so incredibly exciting about watching a women swell with every single pound and inch added by her incubating baby.

I was incredibly honored to be included in my friend Lacey’s Circle of family and friends, by being invited to her baby shower.  It brought my heart such incredible joy to watch Lacey during this honoring of her body’s beautiful miracle, the growing of a new Life.  And the Life stage transition taking her from maiden to mother.

Friend Lacey’s Baby Shower

One of my absolutely favorite parts of this shower (outside of the most delicious cake that I have ever eaten) was when Lacey loudly announced, “Thank you all for being here today, I have never been in a room, filled with so many people that I love, all at the same time.  It feels so wonderful!”

It was in *that* moment that I felt incredibly blessed to have been included.  It was an afternoon of being in connection with the true essence of love.

Another unexpected blessing came when I planned on this Life event being a Silpada Show and it turned into SO MUCH MORE!

Once again, I was blessed with an invitation to be a part of a family event. This time it was a BIG extended family baby shower.  The party included ALL OF THE FAMILY, from Great Grandmother to great granddaughter; and, all the male members as well.  The house was bursting at the seams.

There was a distinct pArTy vibe. Being from Jamaica, this family knows how to have fun.  In the background, there was Carribean music playing and laughter filled the room.  One couldn’t help but immediately grow hungry when smelling the jerk and curry chicken being prepared.  If I would have closed my eyes, I would have believed that I was actually IN Jamaica.

Life is Filled with Special Moments

I was welcomed into the room and seated next to the family matriarch, Great Grandmother.  Great! She sat in that chair like the Queen she is in the family.  It was beautiful to watch everyone honor her in a variety of ways.  It literally brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.

One that especially touched my heart was when one of her nieces brought over her darling little four-month-old baby.  The great grand niece.  Great grand! The blanket wrapped infant was placed delicately into the arms of her Great Grandmother.

As the baby girl lay in her GG’s arms, her mother sat in the chair beside her looking into her baby’s eyes.  GG and the baby looked into each other’s eyes.  As my eyes filled with tears, watching this beloved interaction, I wondered just how incredibly LOVED this little baby girl must feel.  And how blessed the unborn baby is to be joining this family that will adore her.

Another part of this event that again had my heart swelling was when the husband of the expectant mother sat down to play the keyboard.  In front of a house full of family members and friends, he sang a collection of songs to his wife letting her know how much he loves and respects her.  While he sang, other family members jumped to their feet to sing along.  It was a powerful honoring that I will long remember.

Life is filled with special moments.  This family gave me the gift of seeing love in action.  And if that is not enough, I also learned that *this* type of family gathering happens at every single holiday!! On top of that, they ALL go to church together on Sunday, too.  I was (and am) in awe of their connection.

So yes there is a LOT of upset, sadness, depression, and desperation going on in our Universe.  There is also a LOT of goodness, love, triumph, courage, and connection.

This is the delicate balance of Life.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

With love and gratitude,

Happie G

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