Kindness as an Amenity – Love and Gratitude

gratitude and kindness

Kindness as an Amenity – Love and Gratitude

I often blog on the topics of love, gratitude and kindness.  With that said, today just happens to be another great day to share a story on kindness, as I was the recipient of not one … but two … acts of kindness!

My husband and I are staying on the riverwalk in San Antonio.  He is here for a photographer’s convention.  I am here for a bit of rest and relaxation.  You see, I have been a bit “under the weather.”  

Kindness as an Amenity

There is a plethora of hotels here offering a vast array of amenities.  We’ve stayed at several of them over the years.  This weekend, we happen to be at the Westin.

Upon arrival, we received an upgraded room.  Nice!  Last night, as I worked on my computer, someone knocked on the door and delivered a cheese tray.  Super nice!  Yet, none of that (in my opinion) compares with this …

Today, I woke up and decided I really needed a day in bed.  I paddled to the door in my slippers and placed the “do not disturb” sign on the door.  Additionally, I put the empty Starbuck’s coffee wrapper outside with a note asking for a replacement and stated that I was not feeling well.  After a long nap, I paddled back to the door and found my “gift.”  Snuggled up in a white fluffly wash cloth was a fresh pack of coffee and three little creamers.  Yet, the best part of all was the HANDWRITTEN NOTE from Peter that said,

I hope you are feeling better! Let us know if we can assist.”

I returned to my sleep feeling really happy to receive such a kind acknowledgement.  I saved the note, to look at again later.

How kind, I thought.  And it didn’t cost a thing.  Wow.

Later, we bundled up and went out to have dinner.  Upon return, our message light was on the telephone.  We dialed in to hear our message.  The message was,

Please let us know if you need anything like chicken soup brought to your room, we hope you are feeling better!”

Double WoW! I’d certainly say that one of the greatest amenities of staying this weekend at the Westin Hotel on the Riverwalk was the double dose of kindness.

Just imagine if we all took a few extra moments to dish this out daily.

What a wonderful world it would be.  And, around that, I also found this great quote that I thought I’d share:

What this world needs is a new kind of army – the army of the kind.” ~Cleveland Amory

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Special thanks to Peter and staff for filling up my heart with kindness.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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