Kindness: Random Acts, etc.

Mother Teresa

Kindness: Random Acts, etc.

When I hear the word kindness, I immediately think of Mother Teresa.  She was the living embodiment of compassion and love.  She recognized no limitations – not even church policy – in her devotion to the world’s poor and her desire to serve them. 



While I have many quotes that I love by Mother Teresa, this is one of my favorites:


Be a living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.


This is a powerful statement to “be” a living expression of God’s kindness.  I invite you to really think about that for just a moment.  Then, think about your day up to this point.  What has your expression been?


There is much talk about random acts (RAOK).  Which, defined by Wikipedia is a selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual or in some cases an animal.  There will generally be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happier.  Either spontaneous or planned in advance, random acts of kindness are encouraged by various communities. 


When I hear people encourage others to participate in ROAK, I often hear the usual things: pay for someone’s toll, buy the coffee for the person in the drive-thru behind you, put a note on a co-worker’s desk, deliver cookies to an unsuspecting neighbor, give a snack to a homeless person, etc.  What I have not heard is placing the emphasis on our outward expression, as Mother Teresa so eloquently shares. 


This is exciting! Think of how many people are put on our path, on a daily basis that we just walk on by without ever noticing.  With a bit of attention to this detail, what a difference we can make.  Sharing kindness doesn’t have to cost anything or even take extra time.  Kindness can be a part of our expression.  It can be the way we show up in the world. 


I personally believe it begins by waking up in gratitude.  Taking that first deep breath upon waking and being grateful for a new day.  Touching one foot down and then the other and saying, “thank you.” Throwing the curtains wide open and feeling the sunshine on our face! We’ve set the tone.  Now, it’s onto a day of spreading kindness. 

If you cross my path, I promise to spread some kindness.  If I do not, please share yours with me, I’ve had a momentary set back.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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