Goodness Surpassing Greatness: Great and Powerful


Goodness Surpassing Greatness: Great and Powerful

GLINDA: “For the record, I knew you had it in you all along.”
Oz: “Greatness?”
Glinda: “No. Better than that. Goodness.”
Goodness: Surpassing Greatness

As a life coach, I am often faced with someone looking to find their purpose. It seems to be a life-long quest for so many people.

My personal belief is that our purpose here on earth is to experience joy and to be kind to others.  However I, too, have fallen into this trap of self-criticism and perpetual state of wondering if, “I am doing enough” or “making a difference.”

I watch as people strive for more and more letters after their name by attending classes, more schooling, workshops, and earn certification after certification.  When is it enough? And, in the gaining of all of the letters, is anyone feeling any better out there or “on purpose?”

The movie Oz the Great and Powerful really triggered a big response in me.  Both times that I saw it, I wept at the end.  I found this to be quite curious.  Investigating the deeper feeling, it hit me. You see, I had a really low period this year (see the edition that addressed the dark side) and in a moment of feeling “less than,” I blurted out, “I might as well just change my email signature to: Sandra J Filer, Tia and Friend.” To be (very dramatically) followed up  with, “Because nothing else is working!”

In the seat at the movie theater, when Kim asked, “What about this movie is causing so much emotion?” Choking through tears, came the words, “it is not about being great, it is about  goodness.” The lesson in the movie was that the magician wanted to be big, powerful, amazing, and GREAT.  Instead, or in addition to, more importantly, he had demonstrated goodness.  Which, Glinda the Good pointed out as being even better!

This movie started a shift in the way that I see myself and provided me a great story to share with my “seeking” clients.  Our purpose is so much deeper than our outward accomplishments. Letters don’t make me (or us) great.

Goodness surpasses great

Knowing this has given me permission to stop the comparisons of his or her results versus mine.  Knowing this has given me the awareness that I do share goodness and that is my greatest accomplishment.

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Your goodness makes you great, too

Now we can get on with our wonderful lives, grabbing our goodies, experiencing grace, and living our purpose.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

With love and gratitude,

Happie G

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