Making an Investment in Ourselves – Radical Self-Care

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Making an Investment in Ourselves – Radical Self-Care

What types of investments have you made that have truly paid off? Perhaps you have been diligent in putting money away into a 401K.  Or maybe you’ve been following your grandmother’s advice to invest in savings bonds.  It could be that you’ve actually listened to your financial advisor’s sage investment advice. Fantastic.  If you’re like me, you are very familiar with the adage to “save for a rainy day.”

I’m curious to know what “rainy day” it is that we are saving for exactly?

Magical Goddess Retreats

I want to share something personal with you today.  A Goddess sister recently approached me to join her at the beach.  Our special beach.  Home of the incredibly magical Goddess retreats.  At the beginning of the discussion, I misread the invitation and turned it into a work assignment.

I quickly said, “Hell yes!” (Not ok.  Not sure.  Not yes.  Hell, yes!).  I searched for tickets.  Began procuring the rental unit.  Then I received another email clarifying the intention.  While there is a bit of work in there, it has been put together primarily for our own personal radical self-care experience.

I’ll be honest with you, in my gut, I felt the feelings of guilt.  Guilt! In my head I heard, “How can you just go off and spend a weekend on the beach with two friends while Kim is home without any assignments?” You see, it was perfectly fine to be at the beach working; but, it was not fine for “Sandi” to be off “playing with her friends.” Wow.  This whole experience has me really present to my personal feelings of self-worth.   Or the lack thereof.

I’ve rattled the whole situation around within myself.  Kim and I have discussed it.  And of course as Goddesses, we’ve discussed how important this trip will be.  It comes so easily to help others. I imagine that many of you reading this can share in that sentiment.

However, when it comes to investing in ourselves, that is when the struggle begins.

Radical Self-Care Experience

My personal radical self-care experience is two weeks before the final Goddess Retreat of 2015.  I will be able to sleep in, eat meals prepared by someone else, take a nap under a shaggy pine tree, float in the Gulf on a pink noodle, grab a cold beer at Skinny’s, walk to the trolley stop and take it all the way around the island, just for the fun of it.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even indulge in a huge ice cream cone.  Ya Ya!

In my previous life, I was a banker.  I’ve studied statements, balanced the books, calculated investments, made projections, and invested in an IRA.  Now it is time to make the best possible investment that I believe could be made.

 An investment in my personal well-being! I’m “all in” on this being a selected “rainy day.” I’m choosing to do the things on my bucket list before the bucket is even near (Goddess willing).  I’m working through the guilt feelings and claiming my right to allow my inner-hippie out and get out on that open road to let my hair fly.  It feels quite liberating!

Self-care is the best health care.

I’d love for you to join me in making wise investments with profitable payouts. Invest in your own radical self-care.  Join me at an upcoming Goddess Retreat!  Allow your inner-hippie out!

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Today just may be that “rainy day.”

I love you! Be sure to love you, too.  Have a delightful, abundant, and joy-filled day.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

With love and gratitude,

Happie G

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