Allow it to Come Back to You – Magical Story

Magical Story

Allow it to Come Back to You – Magical Story

Have you ever lost or misplaced something and searched desperately for it? Growing up as a child, we were often swept up in a crazy search for something that our father needed before leaving for work. My mom would yell out, “Come help me find your father’s keys/hat/gloves!” We’d scurry all over the place frantically looking in the couch cushions, under the table, on the counter, etc. Or, when we were being resistant, we’d sit on the couch refusing to move only to hear our mother’s sarcastic message, “Everybody can stop looking now, I’ve found them.

” Well, now as an adult, I’ve learned a new way of going about this and so has Cara Guzman, thanks to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Here Cara aka Serene Goddess shares a healthier way to go about “finding” the lost item and how *magical* the process can actually be,

“Magical Story✨

I was home sick for 2 days in bed last weekend. Lying there…my earring plopped out. Quickly grabbed for the back of the earring so I would not lose it and it was not there.

I got up from the bed, checked the floor, looked in the sheets, frantically tossed the pillows, comforter, and blankets … nothing … a little voice reminded me of the story of Esther Hicks losing her laptop, she too looked everywhere and thought it was gone … only to find it 6 months later right in the same drawer she had looked previously… but it now sat right on top in plain sight … she too had frantically searched with the intention that it was missing.

I then acknowledged to myself that it was not lost and the Universe would show it to me in good time. Three days later, I was meditating at lunch … as my meditation finished I felt something in my right hand … yes you guessed it … my earring back! I thanked the Universe for bringing it back to me but I am still in awe of it showing up of all places in my hand ✨✨✨”

The next time you realize you are missing something, try this out. Let it go from your awareness and trust that it will show up! I look forward to hearing about your magical experience. Please be sure to share it.

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