Wishes Coming True ~ Affirmation to Elation

Wishes Coming True

Wishes Coming True ~ Affirmation to Elation

One of the greatest joys of being a Heal Your Life® Teacher & Coach is to witness the magic of wishes coming true.  The magic of individuals tossing their old beliefs aside to open the space for goodness and well-being to drift in and settle into their lives.  My heart absolutely sings when I receive news of participants (love-lies) experiencing what they have intended, affirmed and visualized coming true.  It is so exciting!

Goddess of Wishes

The story that I am about to share is extremely awesome.  In fact, it is the inspiration for this entire Love Letter.  I have decided to dedicate this edition to the magic and the manifestations that have happened in love-lies’ lives. 

I begin with Heather. . .

 Heather attended both Heal Your Life® workshops with me.  During the second series, she decided to share with us, out loud, that she was visualizing an engagement ring on her finger.  We were thrilled!  The next week she returned to share that her boyfriend had lost his job.  Yikes! We affirmed/reinforced that everything happens as it is supposed to happen and something better was coming and that it would not affect her getting engaged.  On the last night, she shared that he got a new job. Yeah! 

And, then shortly there after, I received this email:

Hello friends!
A few of you might already know that Paul and I were in New York celebrating the 4th of July. After witnessing the amazing Macy’s day fireworks display I had another magical experience of my own, Paul asked me to marry him!! After a few minutes of “Oh, my God, Oh my God” I joyfully and tearfully said YES!!

Paul and I decided to try our luck on TV

We decided to try our luck and see if we could make it on The Today Show, in the crowd that is. We bought poster boards and spent several hours trying to compose  catchy phrases and making boards. It paid off, during a weather segment the anchor noticed my sign and came over and asked if I just got engaged. Paul had left to get us a cup of coffee, I thought “Oh,no” we are going to be on TV, and he was gone. He saw her and ran back over to me just in time. 3-2-1 there we were in front of America announcing our engagement on The Today Show!!!!

I feel very blessed and I am very excited to start a life a new chapter in my life with an amazing man. I wanted to share the happiest day of my life with you all.
Ok, so that is a really cool example of how you can be happy.  You can receive what you deserve.  It can be more than you could have ever imagined it to be.  If can be.  It is.  It always will be.  All you need to do is decide and take action to create the Life you deserve and desire.  It’s alllll out there! The relationship, car, job, home, vacation, feelings of well-being, trust, beauty, joy, harmony, prosperity, and on and on and on. 

To all your wishes coming true.  With love and gratitude and a full, full heart.  Love you.  Sandra ~ Diosa 
Live. Love. Play. Prosper.
~Sharing the magic of Life and Love through the eyes of a happy goddess.


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