You Can!

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You Can!

Two powerful words.  And, what is most important is the response to these two words.  When you read, “You Can,” how do you react? Do you immediately shout “Yes! I can.”  Or, do you say, “Well, it depends . . . “   Great! Either way, it is what it is.  A gauge as to where you are at in your attitude towards Life.


I recently realized that Mary Kay and Louise Hay both began titles of their popular books with the words “You Can.”  Mary Kay taught that You Can Have It All while Louise Hay teaches You Can Heal Your Life®.  I greatly admire these two amazing  pioneers who built empires from their inspired thoughts to assist others to love themselves.  Mary Kay calls it self-esteem.  Louise Hay calls it self-love.  I call it a perfect pairing!


Mary Kay said, “What you think about you bring about.”

Louise Hay says, “Our thoughts become our reality.”


Mary Kay said, “That which we believe about ourself comes true.”

Louise Hay says, “That which we constantly affirm comes true for us.”


Now, as I write, I realize that even their names rhyme.  Too funny! I do not believe in coincidences.  I believe that absolutely EVERYTHING happens for a reason and a purpose.  The Mary Kay opportunity visited my life several times.  Then, at the perfect time, I said yes.  The opportunity to be a Heal Your Life® teacher & coach came to me also, at the perfect time.  Did I know this at the time?  I knew that it felt good, which is key.  However, I continue to be shown daily just how incredible my Life is because of these two incredible women and their incredible companies that instill life-changing philosophies into their Life’s work. 


So, what is the bottom line here? The bottom line is that both of these women offered me a chance to step up to the I CAN of Life.  They both taught me that we can work with love as the key ingredient.  And, we CAN operate every day in every single interaction with love at the forefront of our practices. 


I CAN love what I do.  I CAN love my customers.  I CAN love and I do.  I love you and You CAN too!

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.   

~Sharing the magic of Life and Love through the eyes of a happy goddess.


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