What Affirmation Did You Use?

What Affirmation Did You Use?

What Affirmation Did You Use?

Yes, what affirmation did I use. Easy enough question right? Because simplified manifesting is often chalked up to a single task: the use of an affirmation. However, lean in a bit closer and allow me to tell you a bit more about the process of HOW I/we actually manifested our dream house/s.

Let me back it up just a little bit to give you context as we begin. The other day I was interviewed by Dr. Patricia Crane regarding how implementing the philosophies of Louise Hay, which are basically, Science of Mind teachings, has positively impacted my Life. This interview gave me the opportunity to spend some time in quiet reflection. And while just about every aspect of my Life has changed, for the better, there is one particular area that is seriously a fantastic example of someone going ALL IN with their “affirmations.”

Very basically, an affirmation is a statement that confirms the existence or truth of something. In this line of work, we teach that an affirmation is stated in the present tense, is positive, and uses energetic descriptive words. In this case, my written affirmation was, “We live in our Florida home surrounded by water and shore birds.”

Yet, listening to Louise Hay over the past seventeen years, I clearly heard her say that everything and everybody we surround ourselves with is an affirmation. I took that to heart!

Therefore as you will hear me explain (briefly) in the video of the interview, my affirmations included more than just writing the words or speaking the words, I opted to LIVE IN the creation of our dream house/s. Here’s how … and I realized that this really began when I was a teenager.

Forty plus years ago, I fell in love with this area of Florida. As a teenager, I’d stay with my Grandmother and she’d take me to all her favorite haunts. At the end of each visit, I’d go out under the moon and stars, and pray to God that she’d live another year so that I could return.

I LOVED FLORIDA.  <—— Enter strong emotional feelings or a burning desire – high vibration.  

Fast forward to my twenty years spent in Texas.  A necessary step on the journey, to align with my forever love and pair up to co-create this dream together.  We weren’t sure how it would happen or when it would happen, but something we were both clear on is it WAS happening. 

The first thing we decided to do was to remodel our entire condo to look like a Florida beach cottage.  Every wall was painted a color of the sea.  Sea shells collected on our multiple vacations to Florida, were carefully placed in bowls, on shelves, in artwork, along with see through jars containing the white sand from our favorite beaches.  When we walked into the front doorway, there was no mistaking the vibe of our condo screamed the beach! Guests would come in and almost always say something along the lines of, “You really like the beach, huh?” Which provided me the perfect segway into my short explanation, “Yes, in fact we like it so much that you are walking into our Florida beach cottage.”  (People either got it or thought we were nuts.) 

My clothing choices included colors such as teal blue, mint green, and a range of corals.  Prints selected usually included starfish, palm trees, or even the flamingo.  Not my personal favorite, yet I do realize that the good old flamingo is truly a recognizable icon to the Sunshine State.  Therefore, flamingoes made their way into my clothing choices.  And it was really a whole lot of fun because more often than not, someone would ultimately ask, “Do you live in Florida?” My reply? “I am moving there.”  😉 

On one of my annual trips I went shopping at one our favorite Brighton stores.  To my delight, I discovered a charm bracelet representing the state of Florida.  On it were charms that included (yes) the flamingo, an alligator, a sun, and the shape of the state, to name a few.  I wore that darn charm bracelet up until just last year! Every day I would look down at the charms and think about my Life where regular beach visits were a choice, not just a vacation. 

One year while vacationing on our favorite island, I was reading the book, The One Minute Millionaire.  My husband is not a reader but he is a good listener.  Each afternoon, I’d share about what I was reading and how I was getting swept away by the story.  Something tripped inside of him and he took action.  All of a sudden, he was on his laptop looking on Zillow for what was available to purchase.  

Just a few short months prior to this, my Great Uncle, then around 87-years-old, said to me, “If you and Kim want to live in this area, the time to buy is now.  Don’t wait, Sandi.  The prices are getting ready to rise.” He was spot on.  We listened 

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Next began a rather heated discussion.  Why heated? I realize that when I get nervous or scared, my go-to emotion is anger and frustration.  Plus, both my husband and I are fire signs.  Both of us want to lead, rather than follow.  Therefore, it sometimes takes a bit to sort things out.  Yet, when we do, it’s magical.  

The discussion provided us with the opportunity to get crystal clear on what exactly we wanted.  My father weighed in and suggested a 55+ community.  No! Kim weighed in with a duplex.  This way, I could live on one side and we’d have a tenant on the other.  This would serve two benefits, in his opinion.  One would be a safety feature with me going ahead of him and being a female all alone in a new place.  Got it.  The other would be to create a stream of revenue.  Like it.  Yet, the idea of a duplex didn’t excite me.  As we went back and forth in our decision making process, finally my husband said very passionately, “We must get clear on what we want in order to make it happen.” YES! 

That is when it happened.  All of a sudden, I hear his voice say to me, “Sandra, come here and look at what I found on Zillow.” There she was.  Our pink bungalow with a small cottage sitting on the backside of the lot.  I gasped.  Got excited.  My father said, “Hey, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.” Something inside of me grew more excited than little Sandi on the evening of Christmas.  

Mind you, this was taking place at a time in our lives when we were not in a financial place to buy a second home.  Casting all reason and logic aside, I made an appointment with a realtor.  On that day, we visited no less than eight properties.  The first was the pink bungalow.  When we stepped inside, I froze.  My eyes were moving but my feet were stuck in place.  The realtor looked at me and asked, “Do you want to see the rest of it?” Yes, I do. 

And just like that, with a few snags, tears, and fears, the mortgage closed.  Our dream came true! 

So it wasn’t necessarily a single affirmation that worked.  Rather, our choice to LIVE AS IF it was a reality. 

We listened, acted, and acted as if.  Because I firmly believe that the success formula is truly, AFFIRMATIONS (of every kind) plus ACTION = Manifestations. 

PS: I also think that it helped for my sister to tell my Grandmother on her death bed that I was moving to Florida.  Thanks, Mary! 

Sandra, The Happy Goddess, helps people learn to practice radical self-care, experience the magic of Life and apply a playful approach to shaping the future of their dreams.  To learn more, visit her website: 

Below is a link to the video interview with Dr. Patricia Crane. Enjoy!

Woman’s transformational journey with Louise Hay’s philosophy

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