Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day

Isn’t it just the greatest?  The hearts, flowers, love, candy and allll the romance.  One of my personal favorites is the beautiful big heart shaped boxes filled with delicious chocolates that are filled with a vast array of delectable flavors.  Oh, my personal favorite .. coconut.  Yummy!  And, let’s remember also the innocent delight as children share their glittery paper greetings. 

It is a joyful time for many.  In fact, it is a joyful time for me as I have already received one very special Valentine from 3-year-old, Gabriella.  What a treat! A little paper Tinker Bell Valentine with a little hand-drawn sentiment on the back and a delicious little red sucker attached. The cutest part of all is that after she gave it to me, she very sweetly managed to regain control of the sucker.  She gave me that sweet little smile that touched my heart and I melted.

Gift of the Heart: Valentine’s Day

Yet, Valentine’s Day can be a day filled with expectations.  Will the day be perfect?  Will I receive that “special” gift?  Will he/she “show” me they love me?   

So, I offer this:  rather than expect and wonder, take action! Practice love.  Be love.  And, give with all your heart.  After all, I truly believe that the love we give is the love we receive.  Gifts also do not need to have monetary value.  Some of the best gifts of all cost nothing at all.  Time can be given.  Attention can be given.

Doing something nice for someone like holding a door, smiling, returning their grocery cart, letting someone in line, etc. etc.  And, why not do something nice without anticipating any return?  I think I’ll bake some cookies and leave them outside a few of my neighbors’ doors.  Yes!  I giggle just thinking about sneaking the treats to the doorstep. Imagine their surprise?!

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This holiday, I encourage you to do something unexpected for someone.  Make Valentine’s Day a day of expressing love allllllllllll around you.  And, hey, why we are at it, why not do it more often than on February 14.  Loving feels good and when we feel good and do good, more good comes our way!

Be the love you want to receive.  

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing love and wisdom through the eyes (and heart) of a happy goddess. 

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