The Power of Poster Board: Goddess Violet Shines!

Goddess Violet Shines

The Power of Poster Board: Goddess Violet Shines!

Goddess Retreat – Happie G

Kicking off the New Year with a wonderful and true story of one woman’s courage to be her Goddess self … “Before I could in good conscious jet off to Tampa for a Goddess Retreat, I had to call my good friend and apologize for not paying her for a keyboard I had bought from her. Even though I fly for free, it really does look bad! She said she understood and I was off.

I arrived in Tampa and met our dazzling Happie G at the bottom of the escalator. Before I could properly hug her, I had to deposit the scared little lady I had snagged on the the way down to baggage claim. She was quite disoriented and reminded me of my English Granny.Next I had to hug my seat mate from my Southwest flight. We had visited between Chicago and Tampa. She was as excited as I was to hear about a Goddess Retreat! One would never have guessed that I have been working on some SERIOUS self-esteem and rejection issues.

With hugs given and bags gathered, we were off to the magical Anna Maria Island. We made itto our gulf-view apartment, just in time to watch the sunset. Then I got the grand tour. All I can say about the property is that you HAVE to go to the Bamboo Apartments for your next vacation! It is like being transported back in time to a place that is simple, relaxed and, yes, magical! The next day our goddesses were set to arrive. Happie G and I set out for the airport to pick them up. Two arrived. The third was delayed.

So I stayed at the airport (me!) and stood at the bottom of the escalator with our “Welcome Goddesses” sign by myself. WOW! Talk about being pushed to the edge of my comfort level! That evening, I did it again at the airport in Sarasota. I stood alone, at the bottom of the escalator with all eyes on me! I was OK! Better than OK! I succeeded. From that moment on I knew I could do anything! The next day was full of fun conversation, walks on the beach and a beautiful relaxed sunset cruise.

Goddess Violet

We even managed to attract one dolphin to swim right under the nets of thecatamaran! Could it get better? Why yes, yes it could! I had a Spirit Essence Reading with Doreen Marachetti. She and I discussed my feelings of rejection, and how I had to letit go. While Doreen was busy with readings, her husband Joe set up for the drumming circle.

Turns out, it was to be a “Healing Circle.” Not what he had originally planned. “OK, Cheryl,” I thought. “It is GO time.” I wrote rejection on my paper to be healed. Inshort order the Goddesses all started singing, “Hey Mickey” the one hit wonder by Toni Basil, to our Goddess named Mickey. Would you believe that Mickey is also the name of the first boy that made me feel rejected when I was 5?!? At the end of the retreat, I got a lovely unexpected gift from Happie G. A check in almost the same amount as I owed my friend! I knew that check was for her. When I went to cash itwas the first time I REALLY looked at it.

It was made out to, “Cheryl” with no last name. Cheryl just happens to be the name of my friend also! These are just a few of my amazing moments. Believe it or not there are MORE! One thing is for sure. I am beyond excited to see what this next group of Goddesses have to teach me! You will find me at the bottom of the escalator. Holding a poster board sign that reads: ~~Welcome Goddesses~~” Thank you Goddess Violet Blue for sharing your personal story with us. May we all have the courage to stand out loud and proud to shine our light. It gives others the courage to shine theirs!

For more information on upcoming Goddess retreats, contact me at: or find The Happy Goddess – Diosa Feliz on Facebook. Live. Love. Play. Prosper. Happy New Year! May 2013 be the most magical year ever. Love, Happie G

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