The Delicate Balance of Life: Joy and Goodness

Delicate Balance of Life

The Delicate Balance of Life: Joy and Goodness

Our Summer here was a mixed bag of challenges, sadness, and fun. As Summer began, one of our felines was diagnosed with diabetes. It wasn’t a big surprise because Feliz was quite “fluffy.” He just loves to eat and had eaten his way up to a hefty 20.3 pounds.  Yes. He was a BIG happy boy.

Delicate Balance of Life

Thanks to the brilliance of the staff at Memorial Cat Hospital, his diabetes is in complete remission.  In addition to insulin, Feliz received a LOT of love, Reiki, and a diet overhaul.  All carbohydrates were eliminated.  Which inspired me to clean up our personal diets. Feliz is a great example of how food affects our health.

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Addleman because she looked deep into my eyes flooded with tears to say, “This is treatable and together, we can rid him of this dis-ease.” That is all I needed to hear.  Diligently, we stuck to the plan and it worked!

Sadly, during these sunny days of Summer, my neighbor lost her battle to depression by taking her own Life on July 16.  I will never forget the sound of her niece’s screams after they kicked in the door to find her dead in bed.  They were alerted by the receipt of text messages from her.  In those messages she had shared how much she loved her niece.

Each time I pass by her door, I can’t help but see the image of that day.  It is imprinted in my mind and on my heart.  A past due electric bill remains taped to her door with her name written on it. A physical reminder that she is no longer here to remove it.  As I pass by to do laundry or walk to my car, I choose to send blessings to her Spirit and family.

As in the past, I was blessed to see my family this Summer.  With Lefki’s suicide fresh on my mind, it really brought to focus how important it is to capitalize on every moment of Life, to connect with those we love and SHARE with them how much they are loved, appreciated, and matter.

There is a LOT of upset, sadness, depression, and desperation in our Universe.  There is also a LOT of goodness, love, triumph, courage, and connection.

This is the delicate balance of Life.

This Love Letter is one of the ways that I strive to help bring more love, light, joy, and goodness to my (and your) Life.  My intention is to share the good news, while holding the space for the perceived darkness.

Thank you for connecting with me via this Love Letter.  I appreciate you in my Life.   YOU make the world a better place. Please remember to share your greatest gift – yourself.

Shine brightly! You are LOVEd.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

With love and gratitude,

Happie G

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