Synchronicity and The Little Lost Mitten


Synchronicity and The Little Lost Mitten

I believe in synchronicity versus coincidence.  And it is always jaw dropping when I witness it in action.  Yesterday was one of those days holding a “chance” meeting. 

While working at the Unity Church bookstore, a woman walked in.  She inquired about the Reiki Circle gathering.  I replied that it was held on the first Saturday of each month.  Hmm.  She paused a moment and then said, “There must be a reason for me coming today.” “Yes,” we agreed.  (I also believe this to be true – and – applaud the attitude/outlook!)

She looked around.  She browsed through a few books.  She sat in a chair and listened to music.  She enjoyed her time in the store.  As she moved to the front of the store, she bent down and began reading through greeting cards.  Little did she know a really cool thing was about to happen.

Another woman walked into the store.  She was carrying a mitten.  She inquires about a “lost and found.” “Yes,” we stated, “We keep it here in the bookstore.” She then says, “I found this *mitten in the parking lot.”

At that moment, the other woman, looks up and sees who is handing over the mitten.  She exclaims, “Oh my gosh, that is MY mitten! . . . “I lost it the other night.” 

A collective “WOW” could be heard.  Then, the buzz of happy conversation as the reality of the situation settled in.  Not only was the mitten found, the two ladies identified each other as “randomly” sitting next to each other the other night at an event. 

How cool is that? Synchronicity and The Little Lost Mitten.  A new friend was made and the little lost mitten found it’s home.

Was this a random happening? Or the workings of something far greater.  I know what I believe . . .

*The mitten was actually a glove; however, it’s way more “bloggy” as a mitten.  The essence of the story remains the same.  🙂

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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