Send Yourself Flowers – A Self-Care Surprise

Send Yourself Flowers

Send Yourself Flowers – A Self-Care Surprise

Send Yourself Flowers – A Self-Care Surprise  
While I strive to be optimistic as much as possible, I’ll have to admit that life can be stressful. Especially when we have a multitude of the proverbial “plates spinning in the air.”  We make a commitment to practice self-care and it ends up getting shoe-horned into the rest of our activities.
Let’s explore a really simple solution to improving one’s emotional health: flowers!  Just being in the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions and heightens feelings of satisfaction with life.  In a 2005 study at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, it was proven that flowers have a positive effect on people’s moods! One excerpt in particular, really rings my bells,  “All study participants expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude.” Note the emphasis on receiving.

A Bouquet of Love for Me, Myself, and I

Here is where you come in. Your mission today is to not only buy yourself flowers … it is to have them delivered to your office (or home).  When selecting your bouquet, go all out! Carefully select your absolute favorite blooms.  Along with your exquisite bunch, for extra mileage, write yourself a brief note.  Something similar to, “Just for you, beautiful ______.  I love you to the moon, stars, and galaxies beyond.”
Why send them to yourself at your office? The idea is two-fold.  The first part is the pure euphoria felt when you hear the sound of someone knocking on your door, followed up with the announcement of, “I have a flower delivery here for _______.” Immediately, the heart starts to race a little.  It’s that core feeling of validation that someone loves you.  (Yes, that someone is you).  The second part is a little wicked. Wicked great.  What happens when someone receives flowers? Everyone wants to know who sent them and why!
Breathe it in. Have some fun. You are now in the limelight of love. With the biggest smile on your face, place the card over your heart. Look the onlookers in the eye and with a wink, your reply will be brief:
It’s a secret.
Sandra J. Filer, MBA, is a high-energy believer in the human capacity to achieve whatever the mind can conceive. She specializes in working with ambitious women seeking fulfillment in their Life and work. Her approach is heartfelt, effective and immediately applicable. Also known as The Happy Goddess®, her ultimate goal is to guide her clients far away from that inner critic and deeply into self-love and appreciation.

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