Possibility of Becoming Friends When Loving One Another

Loving One Another

Possibility of Becoming Friends When Loving One Another

This week was a full week of being a “Tia.” (Aunt in Spanish).  And while so much horrible stuff was happening in the world, I chose to stay focused on loving one another.

Imagine our world if we all chose to do the same!

Children bring such joy to my heart (and this world).  Never having any children myself makes the relationships that I have with these amazing little beings even more special.  They teach me so much about loving one another.  

On Friday, two of my best friends met me at the park, with their children.  It was the first time the children met.  Watching the interactions was priceless.

Loving One Another

Without hesitation, the children ran after one another.  They called out each other’s names.  They laughed really hard.  They swang side-by-side.  They wholeheartedly played in the sand box.  As one child did something, the other did it too.  They laughed some more.  They took very brief breaks to gulp down water.  They played right through their nap time.  And, at the end of the day, Joaquin asked his mommy, “Can I have breakfast with “Abriela”.” A shortened version of her given name.  Adorable.

What I so greatly enjoyed watching was the openess the children demonstrated.  They operate straight from their little hearts and embrace the possibility of becoming friends with someone new – and – someone “different.”

I saw this all over the playground.  The beauty of looking at the world in wonder and eager anticipation.  It’s as if they say, “Who is that one over there? They are the same size as me and I want to be friends!”

To me, loving one another means looking for those that are the same “size” and immediately considering them to be a friend.  I think that’s a great philosophy.

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Thank you to the little ones that teach us so much about love!

To a love-filled New Year.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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