Love Heals: Cindy’s Story

Love Heals Cindy Story

Love Heals: Cindy’s Story


It seems that whenever I’m a part of an experiential intensive, retreat, or workshop …  there is always one person that really touches my heart, leaving a lasting impact.  Recently, at the Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Certification, it was Cindy.


Cindy is striking.  Actually, she is downright beautiful.  She stands tall, graceful, and looks like a model.  It therefore goes as no surprise that at the age of 15 her dream was to be a professional model.  Then, life took her in a different direction.  However, last year, with the dream still alive in her heart, she auditioned for a Reality Show, which happened to be a model competition and at the age of 39, up against thousands of women – she won! 


During the opening session, we went around the circle sharing.  Cindy shared that just hours before arrival, she received a phone call from her husband.  He was calling to tell her that he had just talked to her doctor and she had been diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer.  The room went silent.  Her husband wanted her to come home right away; however, she replied, “this is exactly where I need to be right now.”


During the powerful week, surrounded by like-minded amazing people from all around the world, Cindy knew what she had to do!   She took responsibility for her role in the dis-ease, accepted it, worked to forgive herself and others, physically released damaging emotions stored in her body.  Then, through healing meditations, powerful affirmations, mirror work, more forgiveness work and prayer, she was able to come to a place of loving herself.  She remarked that she left with “more self-love and respect than she had ever had in her life!”  And, “it was the most life-changing week of my life.”


When she returned home, she met with her doctor to discuss treatment options.  First step: MRI.  Second step: lumpectomy in two weeks.  In the meantime, she continued with her mirror work, affirmations, and meditation.  People commented on how happy and peaceful she appeared.  Cindy had come to love and accept herself unconditionally.  (Which also meant her condition as well).  Without fear or resistance, she chose to treat herself with love and exist in a state of peace. When her surgeon asked how she was “doing,” she replied, “Great!” Her surgeon was shocked and suggested that she was in denial. 


Cindy went into surgery, with the understanding that there was a chance of having another lumpectomy, if not enough tissue was removed.  However, she wasn’t worried. In fact, she had her husband plan a trip to Vegas for Easter weekend. Their flight was to leave the next morning, but her doctor didn’t think that it was a good idea to fly the day after surgery. So instead, they drove to a resort near their home and enjoyed the holiday.

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And here is the inspiring part …


Two days later, Cindy went to her post-op appointment. Moments after her arrival, her doctor came into the office, waving the pathology report, beaming from ear to ear and announced “we did the surgery for nothing! There was nothing there!”


What Cindy knew, that the doctor did not know, was that she was healed.  She loved herself into wellness.

Live. Love. Prosper. Play.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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