It’s Summer! Yahooooooooo!

Summer yourself

It’s Summer! Yahooooooooo!


Just typing the title of this article created BIG feelings of joy for me.  You see, I LOVE Summer.  Not just a little bit.  Not kinda, sorta love it.  I LOVE IT!!  There is something so alive about this season.  When the sun awakens me through the window, it reminds me of the days when I visited my grandmother in Florida.  Each and every morning, the sun would beam in so brightly that I’d awaken earlier than at home (in Michigan).   Grandma would proclaim, as she’d peek through the blinds, “It’s another day in Paradise!”  I’d leap out of bed, check the weather, gulp some fresh squeezed orange juice, put on my exercise clothes to head out for a walk in Paradise.  Bring on the sun!
Summer time is a HAPPY time for me.  People seem more playful.  Folks gather to enjoy watermelon, macaroni salad, corn-on-the-cob, laughter, and conversation.  Children run around the parks.  Families splash in pools.  Grown up “kids” play on slip-n-slides.  Sprinklers are sprinkling.  Street cats are sleeping.  Grills are grilling.  Vacations are had for chilling.  And, flip flops make it to the top of the “Summer Must Have” list.  Ah, it feels nice!  Sweet Summer time. 

In the Heal Your Life® classes, we discuss the abundance of our Universe.  We also discuss the importance in allowing ourselves to move into the feelings and experiences that really feel good.  For, as we feel good, we allow ourselves to attract and receive more good.  More good is good!


There is no better time than Summer to see the abundance of the Universe.  The lush grass, full trees, baby animals, butterflies, water , sunshine, wind, flowers, waves, sand, and the fully grown bushes and flowering shrubs are all nature’s demonstrations of abundance.  There is no lack.  There is only plenty


If you ever find yourself doubting if “it” will come to you, trust that it will.  Next, I invite you to take action into helping to create it by putting on your flip flops, sunglasses, hat and open heart.  Then, step outside and jump into Summer.  Get after it! When you hear the ice cream truck, stop it!  When you see a sprinkler, run through it. 


Just as the flowers, trees, stars and sun are all parts of the Universe, so are we.  Let’s stand in our rightful place and have a fun time doing it!  

Loving Summer and Loving You!
Live. Love. Play. Prosper.  

~Sharing the magic of Life and Love through the eyes of a happy goddess.


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