I Was Rejected! Where is the Love?

Where is the Love

I Was Rejected! Where is the Love?

Say it isn’t so! Yet, it’s absolutely a fact.  I was rejected.  Kicked out.  Removed from the group. Ouch.  Why? I refused to change my Meetup profile name from The Happy Goddess to a “real name,” because the co-leader of the group “preferred” it that way!
I’m not going to lie to you, it stung.  Especially, since I am new to the area and was making an effort to find new friends.  For an afternoon, I sat with feelings reminiscent of being a teenager and not fitting in.  When I first received the request to change my name, and then re-submit the request to join, I contemplated creating a new profile.  Did you read what I just wrote?
The thought actually crossed my mind to conform and to “please.”
Then, that little voice inside of me started to scream out, “No! You are not going to create another profile in an attempt to fit into a group that obviously you’re not meant to be a part of and what is it that you teach, anyway?”
The course of action that I took was to write back to the co-leader and share with her that my profile has been established for over six years as The Happy Goddess.  A copy of my new logo was attached bearing my big smiling face, along with the words, The Happy Goddess …

Empower Yourself: Saying No to Conformity and Yes to Uniqueness

I further explained that while it is not my birth name, it is a name that I am commonly referred to and I lead a Houston-based Meetup under that profile name.  It’s also my trademarked business name and I have a DBA.  It’s an established name and as such, I am unable to change it!!  Or, I could have said, more appropriately, unwilling to change it! I then received a signed good-bye reply, and in parenthesis, after the signature was this: (do people really call you Happy Goddess?).
On one level, I get it.  The group (or her) does not want any crazies joining.  However, with just a little bit of exploration, it could easily be surmised that I am a real person.  Google me! But on an even greater level is my belief and honoring it.  So I chose to stand in my truth.
I am The Happy Goddess.  I am unique.  Just like you.  We are each on this planet to shine brightly in our own special way.  It is not our role to dim ourselves down so that we fit in nicely, along with everybody else, doing it the very same way.  How boring!  If you want to dress differently, do it. Want to eat differently, do it.
If it feels good to take a left instead of a right, embrace it.  We live in a world with infinite possibilities.  Never allow anyone to dull your sparkle. When you are tempted, in a similar situation, to say, “OK” … bite your tongue.  Instead, draw upon your power breath deeply into the knowingness of your uniqueness, and reply, “No thank you.”
Never ever allow the donut holes to diminish your sparkles.  Glitter on.  Life is too short to be ordinary!

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