I Love Myself Therefore – Self Love First

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I Love Myself Therefore – Self Love First

One of my favorite holidays is in Febuary – Valentine’s Day.  Additionally, my favorite shopping day is this month too, February 15.  Why? Because I can load up on “love” stuff.    

While for some Valentine’s Day is just another “Hallmark holiday,” I celebrate it to the fullest extent.  The topic of love is serious business for me.  I even choose to send out Valentine’s Day cards to my family, friends, and clients rather than Christmas/holiday cards.

The reason: I choose to focus on LOVE.

As a workshop leader/coach, I am priviledged to teach the work of Louise L Hay.  At the center of her teachings is LOVE.  With an incredible focus on self-love because her belief is that at the center of all of our troubles is a lack of self-love (self-esteem).  One of my all-time favorite quotes by Louise is:  

“Love is the glue that holds the Universe together.”

 In taking a quick look around the world today, I would wager to say that a greater focus on LOVE could certainly be beneficial.  And, we are only able to teach, give, and practice what we ourselves possess.  Therefore, it begins within. 

One of my favorite things to do (and share) is the “I Love Myself Therefore … ” practice.  Which means, whenever you are in a situation where you are asking yourself “do I?” Or, “don’t I?” Begin with the statement, “I love myself therefore …” Then, see what comes up for you and follow your heart.

I recently posted this on Facebook and received more comments than ever before.  Therefore, I thought I’d share some of the responses here:

* I am kind and gentle with myself at all times.  (Australia)
* I forgive myself. (Florida)
* Therefore much love comes back to me. (New York)
* I make respectful choices when it comes to love, food, school and  everything else.  (Michigan)
* I breathe in the beauty of Life. (Pennsylvania)  

Here was mine used just recently . . . I love myself therefore I focus my energy on my business and my clients, knowing that where love goes it flows.

How would you finish this sentence? Give it a try this week!

I love myself therefore . . . 

Because what you feel and what you think does matter.  Especially to beautiful you!   

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Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.   

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