How Would You Feel if This Was Your Last Day on Earth?

Last Day of Life

How Would You Feel if This Was Your Last Day on Earth?

As I type that message so many feelings begin to bubble up to the surface.  In this moment, it is a truly beautiful day.  The temperature is moderate.  There is a slight breeze, and the humidity happens to be lower than usual.  In close proximity, several birds are making their unique sounds and songs, letting me know they are near.  The mango tree is covered in maturing fruit and two neighbours-, just stopped by to ask my husband to lend a hand.  I feel content and, on most days, really fulfilled with my life.  

Yet of course, there are some things that I would really like to accomplish.  Or is accomplish really the appropriate word? To bring that phrase into energetic alignment with my topic at hand, I’d change that to read, experience!  Therefore, if today was my last day on earth, I’d have some feelings around not hitting the highlights that I had hoped to hit.  

I’ll turn it over to you now.  

If This Was Your Last Day on Earth, How Would You be Feeling? 

Would you be regretful? Or could you honestly say that you gave it your absolute best shot? 

I’m inspired today by having attended The Art of Livin’ event that was orchestrated by the American actor, Matthew McConaughey.  The data he provided was that 2.4 million people signed up for the free event.  2.4 million people were interested in the topic of changing their lives.  That’s a lot of folks!! 

During the event we also had the opportunity to hear Marie Forleo, author of Everything is Figureoutable and Tony Robbins share their words of inspiration. It was an uplifting way to start the week! And I walked away really intrigued by the comments in the chat box. 

Crazy, right? Here’s why  

People Were Obviously Interested.  Yet … 

When the moment came for an opportunity to be presented to actually do something to change their lives, the chat box blew up.  All the stop signs began being erected.  Brakes were hit.  Excuses were flying.  And reactions were flashing across the screen in rapid succession like a flurry of snowflakes during a blizzard.  

What Was Happening Exactly? (resistance & fear, leading to inaction)

Of course, we could surmise that inaction could be due to not having “enough time” or “limited resources” or  blah blah blah.  If we decided to take a deeper more authentic look to search for the root of the inaction, we’d most likely find that the root of our lack of forward movement lies not outside of ourselves but rather within ourselves.  

Here’s a shocking truth:

8% of People Live out Their Dreams in Life.  8%!! This Translates to 92% That do not.


In David Nurse’s book, Do It: The Life Changing Power of Taking Action he provides a description of nine action archetypes.  One in particular fascinated me due to the work I do in the Heal Your Life® community assisting others to heal their childhood traumas and wounds.  It really struck the nerve of the old message, “What will the neighbors think?” Here it is.  

The Allodoxaphobic: 

Apparently, allodoxaphobia is the fear of other’s opinions.  (Who knew?) David went on to share that studies have supported that the irrational fear of being ridiculed by others begins in childhood.  Being laughed at, teased, scoffed at, and perhaps even physically abused by the bullies all contribute to this condition.  (Which serves as future triggers affecting whether or not you’ll take action today!) 

David suggested to consider how much better your world would be if you didn’t concern yourself with what others think.  Amen, right? Yet  I’d suffice it to say, that we all do it on one level or another.  

Louise Hay spoke about this in almost every single one of her books.  Reminding us that, “We are the only thinker in our mind.” Ultimately guiding us to not concern ourselves what others think or say but rather to think on our own as, “Our thoughts are creative.” 

And to change our thinking to change our life, writing an affirmation is a beginning.  A beginning.  One small action.  

Yet, if we really, really, really, really, really have a dream on our heart it is high time that we discontinue with the nonsense of resistance and fear.  The only way to live our best lives (if you are not already living it) is to take action.  Make a change!! When? 

Now! Your life is waiting! 

Today is the day I strongly encourage you to self-reflect and uncover your reason for the inaction that keeps you exactly where you are.  Then identify what could assist you with moving beyond the hurdle.  In the process of going from awareness to action, you 

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Give Yourself Permission to Truly Thrive! 

One of the ways I catapulted myself forward was by taking experiential immersion programs that gave me the loving container to go deep inside and get real to heal.  Two that I highly recommend are the Woman Within program and the Heal Your Life® Training 

Reach out, reach up! I’m here to support you because in my heart I know that if my life could change and if I had the courage to go within, you can too.  

Let Life Love You.  

You deserve to have your every desire, dream, goal, intention, and wish come true.  I believe in you.  Now it is your turn to believe in you, too.

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