Experience the Power of Grace – The Sunflower Tour

Sunflower Goddess

Experience the Power of Grace – The Sunflower Tour

During our Summer Adventure, we were listening to Cheryl Richardson speak about Grace.  As we listened, we found ourselves being guided by GPS down unfamiliar roads.  Taking Cheryl’s advice, we allowed ourselves to be open to the experience.  She had shared in the CD series that often when we allow Grace into our lives, we will find ourselves immersed in great beauty.

Sunflower Goddess

As we wound around back roads, doubt seemed to creep in.  Yet, we trusted.  In fact, I found myself saying these words, “Perhaps we are meant to see an elk or something.  Let’s just keep going!” (Interesting thing to say).  We did.  When we popped out of the woods, we came upon this spectacular field of sunflowers.  Wow! We were amazed by the incredible beauty of these radiant flowers.  There were fields and fields of these petaled pretties.

We took plenty of photos and reveled in our discovery.  It was apparent that this was the beauty we were meant to behold by taking the back way.  The slow way.  The unknown way.  Yet, trusting.  As we pulled away, I began looking around.  Curious to learn where we were on our journey.  In front of us was a sign announcing the town.  The sign said: ELK RAPIDS.

While it wasn’t the elk I was referencing, it was an elk.  We laughed and continued on knowing that we had just experienced Grace.  To learn more about this topic, I do highly recommend Cheryl’s audio series, Experience the Power of Grace.  May you experience Grace today. Sunflower Goddess

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

With love and gratitude,

Happie G

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