Generosity of Spirit – Experience the Magic


Generosity of Spirit – Experience the Magic

This is the word that came to me as I walked this afternoon, thinking

about writing this blog.  Why? Because I have seen so many examples of generosity, that it really touches my heart.  gratefulpumpkin


There is a man that frequents a local church campus.  He is as close to homeless as one can be.  His appearance is disheveled, he rarely gets to bathe, he has his most precious possessions in a small handbag, and everyone knows him by name. 


What impresses me the most is that no one shoos him away.  Rather, he is acknowledged, spoken to, and included.  I see this as generosity of Spirit. 

Generosity of Spirit

Additionally, I have learned that Whole Foods feeds him.  And, that there is a woman at the church that does his laundry for him.  Really?  How many people would do a stranger’s laundry?  Let alone do it for a “street person.” That is generosity of heart.   


From the moment I met this man, I knew that he loved music.  It touches him deeply.  In fact, our first encounter involved music.  There was a song playing that resonated so deeply with him that tears streamed down his face.  Wow!  What a moment.  Now, for this moment.  There is an upcoming speaker presenting on the topic of “healing with voice and sound.” 

Naturally, this man was over the moon to learn about her appearance at the church.  He wanted a ticket.  He had a strong desire to attend.  He eagerly anticipated her book’s arrival to the bookstore.  And, he never asked for a single thing. 

Recently, I learned that someone bought him a ticket to the workshop.  More generosity being expressed.  He is gleeful in anticipation.  Each day he thinks about how he will get there, what he will wear, and he shares his excitement with anyone that will listen. 

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How much did that ticket cost someone? I don’t know.  What I do know is that “Bob,” as the receiver of that generosity, will be given an opportunity to experience goodness.  The goodness that comes from generosity. 

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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