Flannel Pants: Mothering 101

Flannel Pants

Flannel Pants: Mothering 101

flannel-pants One of my favorite lines from my trip to “help my sister” in Michigan was, “I think I’ll just wear my flannel pants!” When I heard my sister say it, I secretly wished that I’d been wise enough to pack a pair.  Instead, I had hand selected the ideal pair of jeans and/or stretchy pants.  All of which, would normally be quite suitable for the trip.  However, this trip in particular, I was in for a big awakening.  I was jumping head on into: Mothering 101.

For one entire week, I assisted my sister with the care of not one … but two small children.  Small! 30 months and 18 months of age.  Both in diapers.  What was I thinking? I’ve never even had a child.  In my entire 49 years of life, I’ve only changed one diaper.  One.  And, it was my nephew’s diaper 20+ years ago.  Which, is a funny story in and of itself because I put it on backwards rendering it ineffective.  My sister forgave me for that.  After all, she was in need of help!

Flannel Pants

I realized on morning number three that I was still in the same clothes and that we had had little to no sleep.  It could have actually been this day that my sister so brilliantly chose to wear those flannel pants.  In her mother brilliance, they worked effectively.  They were easy on and off, comfortable, and they did not constrict movement of the continual ups and downs when lifting a child up and down – continuously – throughout the day.  They also had a lovely draw string tie waist that could be tied high to avoid any unnecessary “cracks” from showing.  A big plus!

Further into the week, I noticed when I woke, totally exhausted, and now unconcerned if my clothes matched or my eyelashes were intact, that my arms hurt.  Heck, in all honesty, my entire body was feeling like I’d run a marathon.  Which, we did.  It was later in the morning when lifting “little” Jamie that I realized why I was so darn sore.  I’d been doing mommy weight lifting! This mothering thing is a full body workout!

All joking aside, those seven days spent with my sister (and the two wee ones) that she is so lovingly (and tirelessly) caring for really opened my eyes.  After one week “on-the-job,” I can honestly say that being a mother is one tough job! That experience has given me a whole new appreciation for mothers.  Which, I will now say … YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

To wrap up, last night I shared this with a group I was leading.  It was fun to watch the reactions of the mothers in the group.  They each smiled and looked at each other with that “knowing” look.  A special bond is shared among mothers.  To which, it is certainly earned.  And, I had to laugh when 13-year-old Cameron was seated in the Circle and he asked, “How old were the children?”  I replied.  He said, “Oh yeah, welcome to my Life! That has been my life for the last 6 years!”

So, I will also say – it takes a special person to be an older sibling too.  🙂

Today I honor flannel pants and all mothers.  With a special shout out to my amazing sister, Mary.  You make our world a better place.

Live. Love. Prosper. Play.

**Sharing life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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