There is a far greater weight than body fat.


There is a far greater weight than body fat.

We are blasting straight into March, with spring break nipping at our heels before we’ve even wrapped our heads around the fact the “snow birds” have arrived.  With that awareness, I realized that many people are probably working to lose weight to be “beach ready.”  This thought (as it goes) led me to yet another thought, as the result of a recent encounter I had.

We Feel Like We Have to

That is the weight of obligation.  Or to be fair, obligation that we unnecessarily take on because we feel like we have to, should, owe it to someone, and/or (worst of all) it will make us more lovable.
There are so many roads to travel on this topic.  For today’s purpose, I am going to choose the avenue that takes us through the struggle, leans into the obligation, and delivers us to freedom.  Let me give you a case example.
Mary is of a certain faith with many rules.  Her parents believe in these rules. According to Mary, she is struggling with the resonance of the teachings; yet, does not want to disappoint her parents. As such, she continues to attend services, an hour away, every single Sunday.  (Mary’s parents live out-of-state).  This means that she is spending over three hours, every single week attending services.  The “rules” have showered over into different areas of her adult life.  The feelings she is experiencing are anxiety, doubt, and fear.  Three extremely heavy weights due to the obligation she feels to attend because her parents, siblings, church (and God) will shun her.

This is a prime example of a deeply rooted obligation taken on to conform to a certain belief construct.  And, ultimately to be “accepted” by all of those aforementioned. This case is super tricky of course, because it does involve her family of origin. (Plus, God).

However, We Do Always Have a Choice

Choices take risk.  There can be fall out.  We can get caught in accepting the mediocre by rationalizing everything in our life that is causing us discomfort! Yet, when we focus on an outcome that serves our greater good, releasing ourselves from the heavy burden of guilt to bravely step into our knowingness (because it feels better) of what better serves our well-being, we are choosing to live in a higher, happier vibration that benefits ourselves and every single person we encounter!

This one action – the decision – can lead us straight into personal:


This is Christy.  The photo says it all.  I saw this post in the Goddess Community and just had to share it as it’s in alignment with the topic.  Christy has learned over the years to release the heavy weight of unnecessary obligations by saying no, not overbooking herself, putting herself and her family first, and tuning into what her body is telling her.  Read what she has to say …
Since the Goddess Retreat, I have had so many wishes come true! One of the wishes was to find $800 in cash I was certain had been thrown away on accident. It showed up in a drawer shortly after I got home from the retreat. A very physical and pointed message that wishes come true! And now, today, I am in Victoria, Canada to take the Heal Your Life® Training after years of adminning the trainings! This has been a great wish of mine for so long!  And, I wished for snow while I was here, even though I know it’s uncommon, but as you can see… snow and joy!! Wishes do come true!!!”
If your heart is heavy or you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, take a minute to self-assess what you have taken on in life that needs to be re-evaluated.  Perhaps it’s time to go on an elimination diet! One in which you say no to all of those things that add up and weigh you down when you could be experiencing feedom.  Because when you are feeling free, light, and uplifted, you will be experiencing, “wishes coming true.”

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