Dog Spelled Backwards is God

Dog Spelled Backwards

Dog Spelled Backwards is God

There is a special little dog that lives in Manvel, Texas.  Her name is Hershey.  She is a 2-year old Chihuahua.  For those unfamiliar with this breed, she is a wee little thing.  However, what she lacks in size and stature, she makes up for in love and compassion.  


Hershey’s family has a beautiful home.  They have lots of property, room to run, pretty nice digs for a dog.  And, what they also had was a momma cat and a litter of kittens.  Within this litter, was one special kitten.  I am going to call her: Survivor. 


Recently, Hershey’s owners decided that it was time for the cat and her kittens to go.  They attempted to adopt them out, without any success.  Therefore, this meant a dreadful trip to the Humane Society.  On this infamous day, the entire cat clan was rounded up and kenneled except for one kitten.  You got it, Survivor!


It seemed that Survivor must have gotten a whiff of what was about to transpire and she hid.  After searching and searching for her, the family gave up, traveled to the Humane Society and dropped off the rest of her family. 


What Happens from here is the Miracle


While no one was looking, Survivor slinked out of her life saving hiding space and found Hershey.  She must have known that Hershey was an angel in a fur coat.  Never having puppies herself; however, apparently filled with love and compassion for this little orphan, Hershey adopted her as her own. 


And the absolute miracle is that while Hershey had not been pregnant, or recently  delivered puppies, the love she felt for that little orphaned kitten allowed her to produce milk!


Needless to say, Survivor is not going anywhere.   She and her dog mother have clearly demonstrated that miracles happen, especially when fueled by love and compassion.

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Yes, I do believe there is a reason that dog spelled backwards is God.  And, the story of Hershey and Survivor is living proof. 

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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