Clubhouse Rules: Be Nice!

Clubhouse Rules

Clubhouse Rules: Be Nice!

I recently had fun assisting in the conversion of a chicken coop into a child’s clubhouse.  And, while it will be an on-going project, that day was pretty darn special.  I got to spend hours with my 9-year-old niece and 11-year-old nephew, formulating the rules, selecting the secret password, and decorating the structure.  It was delightful to watch these two cousins interact and be a part of their thought process. 

The conversation began with a host of “no’s” coming out:  no complaining, no pushing, no yelling, no … You get it, a lot of emphasis on what they do not want to have happen.  This was awesome as it provided the perfect environment to encourage them to get clear on what it is they DO want. 


Here is the list:

1)      Be nice!

2)      Be nice to all things.

3)      No smoking.

4)      No pets.

5)      Inside voices.

6)      Work as a team.

7)      Be honest.

8)      Please hang coats and sweaters on hooks.

9)      All feet must stay on the floor.

10) Safety first.

11) Only safe things come in.

12) Nothing sticky.

13) Be nice to all creatures.

14) Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.

15) One more thing … HAVE FUN!


I think this list could serve us all very well. 


I love that they selected the Golden Rule as a clubhouse rule.  How beautiful that these two saw the importance to have it in there.  And, I see it intertwined in many of the other rules as well. 


Now, this is one of my favorite parts to the story . . . .  To further demonstrate their commitment to the rules, a barn swallow had a nest in the clubhouse.  At first, they were going to move the nest.  However, after a whole lot of thought and consideration, the decision was made to “be nice to all creatures” and work around the swallows, vacating whenever the parents began to circle around.  :0)

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 The creation of the rules became a powerful interaction tool all week, even outside of the clubhouse walls.  When something would come up, we’d refer to rule number such and such.  The children had created them and thus became a part of them. 


I’m thinking that it’s a great day to establish a set of Life rules for myself.  I’ll place the Golden Rule at the top and take it from there. 


What clubhouse rule could you implement in your Life? 

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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