Celebrate Together The Birth of a New Beginning

Birth of a New Beginning

Celebrate Together The Birth of a New Beginning

It’s the birthing of the new (drastically improved) modernized website!

I find it hard to believe that my original website was already seven years old; and, as my webmaster referred to it, “now vintage.” Sheesh.  Just like that.  It’s old.

The timing in all of this is quite synchronistic.  Many things are being given birth to all at the same time.  Note: relocate residence, birth new website, new logo, and new products! So, let’s celebrate together the birth of a new beginning, all packaged up in a nice big beautiful website done by Raymond Media with colorful, delightful, and lovingly illustrated graphics by Claudia Olmos.

Now if you have just a few more minutes to spare, I’d love to share a little bit about the image below.  It’s a photo of a handwritten note received from Cameron, seven years ago, after he read one of Wayne Dyer’s children’s books.  He had been going through a rough patch in his little life and I thought learning about affirmations may help.  Apparently it did.




Cameron is now a Teenager

When my webmaster shared that he felt I ought to carry one element forward, he suggested this note.  Little did he know how “perfect” this image was for that special carry over.  You see, a key part of my Houston “story” began with Cameron.   His mother, Sonja, was getting ready to give birth and I was hired to replace her.  However, rather than replace her, I embraced her.  We became fast friends and today, I am the “Tia” to her children.  Cameron’s arrival birthed an incredible friendship between his mother and I.

So as I move forward into this new chapter in my story, Cameron moves forward into his soon-to-be adult years.  So many years ago, the book made him “feel better.” Now saving this note and sharing our story, makes me, “feel better!”

Imprints on the heart.  We each have the ability to leave imprints on the heart.  Remember that … and allow it to guide you through the days ahead.  Our world needs more love.  Share a hug, kind word, love note, and a smile. Together we can make a big difference!

Enjoy the new site! It is with great joy that I share it today.  The Happy Goddess

With heaps of love,

Happie G


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