Blessing Break at Work?

Blessing Break

Blessing Break at Work?

Cigarette break or Oneness Blessing break? Which will it be?


Well, I’ve experienced both and can say that taking a break to be a receiver of a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) beats the heck out of smoking a cigarette.  Not only is it a whole lot healthier, I returned to work feeling relaxed and blissful.


After spending years in Corporate America, with many of them being the “boss,” I tend to be programmed to work, work, and work.  Breaks were something that the smokers and coffee drinkers took.  And, I have been both.  However, I rarely (if ever) took a break because, well it was work, work, and work!

Oneness Blessing

 So, when I began working part-time at the Unity Church bookstore, it had a whole new vibe for me.   Even in my personal business, because it is mine, I tend to push myself.  There is always something to do.  Yesterday was no exception.


The greeting cards needed to be cleaned up.  How perfect for me as I love detail work! As I stood there carefully lining up each envelope and card, my boss, Tracey called to ask me if I wanted to go and receive an Oneness Blessing in the conference room.  My first reaction was “no.”  After all, the cards needed to be organized.  A short while later, another employee came over and said, “Sandra, would you like to go with me at 3:30?”  She looked me straight in the eyes.  After a long pause and hesitation, I said, “Yes!”  In reflection, I realized that I didn’t feel that I deserved a break because I was “supposed to be working.” 


I am so glad that I decided to take that blessing break. It was awesome.


The Oneness Blessing is a non-denominational experience that transfers physical energy, awakening our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with those we love, with ourselves, with strangers and with our creator. 


Some of the benefits include: awakening intelligence, increasing the ability to learn, increasing listening, awakening compassion, healing the body by healing the mind, removing blocks that hinder success, and creating better hemispheric synchronization.

How this all happens, I am not certain.  All I know is that both of us returned relaxed and blissful and that certainly must be more beneficial to the workplace than the alternative.

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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