Ask. Believe. Receive: Magical Mermaid

magical creation box

Ask. Believe. Receive: Magical Mermaid


During a Love Circle last year, we focused our attention on the creation of a Magical Creation Box. Pictured here is mine.

In looking at the photo, one of the prominate pictures is that of a retro mermaid that looks similar to a Cupey doll. I founds this image in a Cottage magazine. I fell in love with her. After all, isn’t she adorable? I proceeded to cut her out of the magazine and apply her to my box. Later, Kim said to me, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you actually found her somewhere?” Of course, I said it would be totally awesome, as she would fit right into our beach-themed condo.

While in Florida, on my magical island, I was at the flea market. It is a lovely flea market that happens only once a month.  (In 2011, I treated myself to an extra week on the island which resulted in me getting to visit the flea market a second time). Yeah!

The second time proved to be the charm because guess what I found? Yep. A little antique mermaid that looks really close to the one I asked for during the magical creation box exercise. And the bonus was that not only did I get a little mermaid, I got a merman, too. Bonus!

Ask. Believe. Receive:
If you’d like to learn more about The Magical Creation Box exercise, or have me lead your small group in creating your own boxes, please contact me. As you can see from this example, it is a powerful exercise – and, a whole lot of fun!

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