Anticipation: The eve of Bob’s Big Day!


Anticipation: The eve of Bob’s Big Day!

It is the eve of Bob’s big day! He has been anticipating this day for over a month now.  And for those of you that read my blog last week, you know that he is the recipient of generosity.  That generosity is allowing him to attend the “healing with sound and music” workshop; as well as, a luncheon.  


Everything is coming together for Bob, except the warm shower.  (I’d help him with that except he wants to take a long shower and our bathtub floods with long showers!) 


Bob is filled with anticipation.  He has been counting the days!  He has been planning his strategy.  And, he has been really occupied with his appearance and “dressing up” for the event. 


Today, he wheeled in a cart.  In the cart, he had a pair of polished dress shoes, a tie, a long sleeved button down shirt, and a jacket.  Outside of the cart, he had a huge smile on his face.  To me, it was the look of eager anticipation and a sense of accomplishment. 

Bob’s Big Day!

 He carefully removed his personal items from the cart and handed them over to me.  The items are being stored in a closet.  He will get dressed tomorrow morning in the public restroom.  The only “things” that he is still in need of are a tie clip and cuff links.


Why blog about this? Well, I am just in awe of his eager anticipation and how much thought he has put into attending this event.  He has taken busses to get where he needs to go to have his slacks altered.  He has obtained dress shoes from somewhere and had them polished.  He has spoken to countless numbers of people to get his clothes safely stored.  He has walked for miles to make things happen.


And, today, he was pacing back and forth in anticipation.   


Bob is excited!  He did not allow any obstacles to get in his way.  He is dressing up and showing up.  It will truly be Bob’s big day. 


Please send loving energy in his direction, as I must admit that I am eager in anticipation too. 


I am also feeling grateful to my husband.  He has listened attentively to me as I have described the series of events.  Tonight, he handed me cufflinks and a tie clip.  He said, “Give these to Bob.”  Then, he handed me a bottle of cologne and said, “Maybe Bob would like some of this too.”

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Generosity .. anticipation .. and more generosity.  Goodness abounds!! 

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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