ABC’s of Appreciation

ABC's of Appreciation

ABC’s of Appreciation

I recently had the great pleasure of attending a Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing workshop.  On the WOW scale, I’d give it a bazillion stars.  A real treat for me was having the ability to jump in my car and see them just down the street.  That rocked!


As about 400 of us sat in eager anticipation of what the intended message would be, I could feel the collective excitement.  Sort of like a giggle about to burst out.  Here is the message:   



Meaning, how we are feeling in any given moment is an “indicator.”  It’s a sort of alert, indicating what we are thinking, to create the feelings, which then … create our mood.  And in doing so, it indicates to us whether we are in alignment with our greater good or not.  Abraham says, “the farther out of alignment we are with Source (God/Spirit) the worse we feel.”


How we are feeling in any moment is a choice.  We can reach for a better feeling thought .. or not.  (Of course all feelings are very important; however, I’m keeping this simple). 


The foundation of Abraham’s teachings is that we are vibrational beings and attract things into our life experiences based on the vibration that we are sending out.  Therefore, if we are loving and appreciating (highest vibration) we draw more of that into our lives.  If we are irritated, grouchy, angry, negative, and complain all the time, we draw more of that into our lives. Ewwww.   


If this resonates with you, or you’d just like to try it out for a while, I encourage you to do so! After all, it feels good to feel good.  While practicing pay attention to what happens all around you.  


Here is a great way to get into the “zone.” Practice the ABC’s of Appreciation!  Whenever you find yourself in a *bad* mood or being critical, edgy, grumpy, etc. rather than park your tent there or take up residence, choose new thoughts!  Begin with the letter A and think of a word that brings you good feelings and FEEL the word.  For example mine is appreciation.  FEEL it.  Move to B.  Mine is bubbles.  FEEL it.  Move to C.  Mine is colors.  You get it.  It can be a lot of fun.  Think of how it could work within a family.  A workplace.  Our communities.  The world! I have begun to utilize the ABC’s of  Appreciation upon waking.  It’s a great way to begin the day feeling good, thus drawing more goodness in.

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 Thus far, I am having a delicious day .  Play along and watch front row parking spots appear, smiles happen, experience greater ease, notice coins appearing on your path, the intoxicating fragrance of flowers, and beams of light gracing your days. Joy abounds. 

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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