What do you do to create your “porpoise-filled” life?

Porpoise Filled Life

What do you do to create your “porpoise-filled” life?

It’s hard not to be happy when I wake up on the island.  As a small child, I was fortunate to be introduced to the beauty of the Gulf. 

This month, I am grateful to be spending 30 days on the island.  Each morning begins with the sound of the seagulls.  A blue heron visits and awaits his morning snack.  He peers into the porch, seeming to wait for the screen door to open and his treat to appear.  The little brown squirrels dash up and down the trees, chattering and scampering, waiting for me to settle in with my coffee and computer (and their nuts).  

Once this is done, I flip flop down across the powdery white sand to the shoreline where a vast array of shells are scattered.  The pelicans dive in with great precision and nab their catch.    The sandpipers run in and out of the waves.  They all run together like a school of fish would in the water.  dolphincartoon

A lone sand dollar lays in the exposed sand as the water cascades back after a wave.  And, on a magical day like today, the dolphin delight us by playing just at the edge of the swimming area.  They bob up and down.  They splash their tails.  People stop what they are doing to “oh” and “ah” over the show.

This is what I call a porpoise-filled life.

One of my dreams is to live here full time.  I have begun to really begin painting that vision.  At home in Houston, we have remodeled our condo to look like a Florida beach bungalow.  I drove my car this year to be able to take photos of my car in the parking spot.  MY car, in Florida.  When I am here, I close my eyes and I imagine that I DO live here.  I feel what it feels like.

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And, at the end of the day, I watch as the sun sets and I thank God(dess) for all my blessings.  All this and more!

What do you do to create your “porpoise-filled” life?

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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