A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time

Do you ever read something and find yourself moved to tears? This recently happened to me.  Each month, I receive a newsletter from a variety of teachers that I admire.  One of them is Denise Linn. 

In a nutshell, Denise shared a story of a friend who had been given only 5 days to live.  Her friend chose to experience every moment as sacred and to be fully “in” the experience.  She even described using the toilet as sacred.  (Something that I can say has never been on my gratitude list).

I realized that this resonated so deeply with me because someone dear to me may be facing incarceration. Each night I stop to say a special prayer that he is watched over, protected and safe.  During the day, I wonder what he is doing/thinking in his days, hours, and minutes before he goes to court.  To that court session that could be the one where he’s taken away … 

What if you were told that you only have a matter of time? What would you do? How might you see things differently? 

I’m wondering …

Would the grass feel different?  Would the wind take on a special charm?  Would the buzz of a bumblebee become more familiar; even pleasant, in that moment?  Would there be a sense of familiarity with this being that may not have been acknowledged before, if it hadn’t become “something that may never be experienced again.”

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Having a limited amount of time to be on Earth, out of jail, etc. creates an opportunity (if one chooses to see it as such) to fully experience life.  And, since we never know when it will be our time, I believe I will begin right now to be more conscious of the beauty that surrounds me and share that with others.  I will make my “matter of time” matter!

Live. Love. Play. Prosper.

 ~Sharing the magic of Life and Love through the eyes of a happy goddess.

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