A Deep Connection

Deep Connection

A Deep Connection

We were seated on the quiet patio of Snapper’s, surrounded by abundantly blooming hibiscus.  We selected a far corner table to be nestled in the greenery and away from other patrons on this fabulously sunny day in Florida.  While nibbling on crisp bread sticks and flavourful hummus, a family was being seated inside on the other side of our window.

Delighting in the Deliousness

Soon after being seated, a curious young boy peered through the glass with a sparkle in his eye.  He smiled at me and I smiled back.  He laughed and I laughed back.  Our appetizers were served and while delighting in the deliousness of the plump crab strips and ahi tuna with blueberry sauce, the little guy delighted in coloring pictures with his Faber Casteel pencils. 

We continued to exchange smiles and laughs.  Further into this interaction, he placed his little hand up on the window and I placed my hand onto his.  He smiled with glee.  My heart soared.

As our meals were served, his parents removed him from the window, placing him on the other side of his sister.  Kim and I received our entree’s.  Continuing to enjoy  my baked banana and nut-crusted fish, we chatted about the beauty of children.  Kim suggested that I go inside the restaurant to tell the family how precious  their children were. I held back, not wanting to “bother” them.

Soon after, the family got up and began to leave.  The opportunity had passsed.  Or, had it? To my amazement and great joy, before the family left, they walked over to our table on a now crowded patio.  They were visiting from England.  The mother said to me, “We are sorry for the interruption.  My young son simply kept saying, “lady, lady, lady” so, I wanted to bring him over.”  In this moment, I was so incredibly touched.  The little boy and I had made a connection through the window.

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Our interaction transcended age and outer appearances.  Our connection was made at the deepest level of joy and true beauty.

Reach out to connect today.  Experience Life’s beauty!

Live. Love. Play. Prosper. 

Sharing the magic of life and love through the eyes of a happy goddess.


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